January 28, 2022

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The cops ignored the theft because they were catching Pokemon.  They shot them

The cops ignored the theft because they were catching Pokemon. They shot them

The mobile game has so fascinated them that they completely ignore the transmission that has sent them to the constant robbery.



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Two Los Angeles police officers lost their jobs due to negligence. They both played Pokémon Go while on duty, thus ignoring the transmission that sent them to the constant robbery. according to BBC The cops tried to catch Snorlax instead of the fleeing thieves.

Although both denied playing the game, according to court documents, this is evidenced by a recording from a camera in the car. They both fired.

Rare catch for the price of a badge

Snorlax is a relatively rare catch in Pokémon Go. This time he helped two thieves escape. Court documents describe the police first ignoring the sender and then talking about the Pokémon for another 20 minutes or so. They wandered around the city choosing places where they had the opportunity to hunt selected virtual creatures.

The business failed in 2017. Both men, Luis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, denied playing the game. However, according to an eyewitness, their fellow Captain Davenport, they apparently ignored the challenge on purpose. Davenport was near the store they had robbed, and he saw Lausanne and Mitchell in a company car: they had started and left in the opposite direction, so Davenport answered the phone call himself.

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The police later told their boss that they hadn’t heard the radio. But according to the video from the car, they apparently talked about the call and agreed not to interfere. Instead, they went to catch Snorlax, and according to the record, they succeeded. “The boys would be really jealous.” Hear Mitchell speak triumphantly in the recording.

Not only did they not respond to the call to intervene in the robbery, but they also provided misinformation, were later deceived during the investigation, played the game on duty and did not answer the radio, and lost their jobs.

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