January 24, 2022

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The cop looks like The Rocka Noizz

The cop looks like The Rocka Noizz

“Why is the rock in this picture?” asked netizens after the local police in Alabama posted a photo of their members. The photo shows a policeman smiling at the truck, and perhaps few people know at first glance that he wasn’t really famous Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson.

Police officer Eric Fields from Alabama has literally become a star from day to day, When the Morgan County Department of State shared his photo on social media describing the police had a busy day.

Facebook users immediately noticed a resemblance to the 49-year-old action comedy star and Photography quickly went viral, garnering thousands of likes and shares. The policeman even called him “Cop Dwayne (Johnson) Johnson,” he said independent portal.

“I don’t really think you’re ready for this, because that’s crazy. Look at it.” You can’t tell me that’s not Mr. Dwayne,Chandlerelyse said in tiktok Video, which has already garnered almost two million views, and contributed to the fact that the policeman became even more famous.

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On August 26 later, Morgan County admitted that its policeman actually looked like a star actor.. They added another picture of Eric Fields with a supermarket employee. “This guy recently met Sergeant Mason and told him that he is He wants to meet our cop, who people say looks like a rock. Mason took the order even further, and Lieutenant Fields happily arrived at Walmart in Hartselle to meet him. Tyler is one of the many hard working employees and it was great to meet them and his colleagues,” the photography department wrote.

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Eric, 37, who has worked in Morgan County for 17 years, told reporter Rick Karle of WVTM13 that It is “having fun” with its resemblance to a rock. It is still believed to be a combination of The Rock and Vin Diesel. He noted that it is slightly less than The Rock and also weighs less. However, this certainly does not bother people, some may even want the cop to play alongside the real The Rock in one of his action movies. It will undoubtedly be a fun sight.

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