January 28, 2022

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The conference was dominated by Sofia Joggio, and Michaela Shiffrin was behind the much better

Yesterday 22:24

Italian figure skater Sofia Goggio triumphed in a sovereign fashion in the opening round of the World Cup season on Friday.

At the Canadian resort of Lake Louise, she was 1.47 seconds ahead of American Brize Johnson, the second. The third was Austrian Miriam Buchnerova (+1.54).

And American Michaela Shiffrin ranked 26th, scored 5 points, and retained the lead in the overall standings of the prestigious series. Slovakia was not represented in the competition. Senior soccer player Petra Vlova has decided to focus on rotating ahead of the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. The next show will be presented on December 21 at a giant slalom in Courchevel, France.

Goggio successfully set out to defend the small globe at the conference. She already has 12 world championships, 9 of which she won in the royal discipline of the Alps. Johnson improved to her best in second place, having finished third four times so far. Puchner scored her third on the podium of her career.

Among the other participants in the all-around tournament at the World Championships, Italian Federica Brignoni took 13th place. Swiss Lara Gotova Bahrami finished the race in 17th place.

Results of the SP Women’s Conference in Lake Louise:

1. Sofia Gogova (tall) 1:46.95 min,

2. Prezi Johnsonova (USA) +1,47,

3 – Miriam Bochnerova +1.54,

4. Ramona Siebenhoferová (both in Austria) +1.96,

5. Corinne Suterová (Švajč.) +2.02,

6. Nadia Delage (ITA) +2.09

7. Cornelia Hütterová (AUT) +2.15,

8. Nicol Delag (ITA) +2.16,

9. Jasmine Floryova (Shivaji) +2.31,

10. Kira Weidleová (Nem.) +2.32

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