January 29, 2022

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The city wants to buy a private land on the Boulevard, but the owner does not respond

The city of جيلilina is working intensively to solve the complexities of the private land in front of the Aupark Department Store. Land in the center of جيلilina with an area of ​​1433 m2 The city has tried to buy it from the owner, cda Consulting group, sro a few times, always to no avail. Last year, a pavilion was erected on the plot, in which the ventilation shaft of the protective structure of the civil protection (CO cap) was filtered to the adjacent apartment buildings. State supervision of construction on the site has also been implemented and the city is taking further legal action. Through the statute, I filed a criminal complaint against an unknown offender on suspicion of committing the crime of damaging the property of others and the crime of harming and endangering the functioning of community service.

The city council of جيلilina also authorized negotiations on the sale of the land in December 2020. Subsequently, at a meeting of the city council on April 27 this year, the city deputies adopted a resolution on the intention to purchase the land at a total price of €716,500, i.e. €500 per meter.2. The city contacted the owner by letter on May 12 this year, but has not yet responded to the offer to sell the land.

In the past, a private plot of land on the boulevard with a designated use as green space has caused problems at the nearby public transit station, expanding the boarding area. For a while, the land was also fenced, and in another period, an unaesthetic building was added with political propaganda. Today, there is a pavilion on the plot of land whose owner wanted to operate a vaccination center, according to media information.

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In the past, the self-government of جيلilina several times tried to buy private land in front of the Aupark. In 2014, for example, experts set the price of land at 115 euros per square meter2. In 2018, the owner asked for 580 euros per meter for sale2But the deputies finally agreed to the amount of 420 euros per m2. Until then, CDA’s consulting group, SRO, had not responded to the offer, which was approved by the city council.