January 29, 2022

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The Chinese rover Zhurong has been on the red planet for more than 100 days. Take a look at these pictures as they look there!

Mars is currently searching for many world powers. For example, it is the American NASA that is trying to find out if the red planet exists The past in the present life. But China also has a mission on a neighboring planet. This is specifically a project Tianwen-1, which includes the Zhurong rover. This is the first Chinese spacecraft on the Red Planet that celebrates its first anniversary, 100 Days on Mars, just a few days ago.

Meanwhile, China National Space Agency (CNSA), Share multiple photos from the red planet. Rover has driven more than 1 km so far, and is estimated to be three months old for the rover. In other words, each extra day is a small gift to the Chinese space program.

Source: CNSA, image from the surface of Mars, the image contains a panorama of the landing site

The main mission of the rover is Look at the geology and atmosphere of Mars, and explore minerals, rocks, soil and ice as well if the rover comes across them. Currently, the rover is located in the geological region known as “Utopia Planetia”, the largest known plain. It is the largest known impact basin on Mars and in the Solar System with an estimated diameter of 3,300 km. It is the region of Mars where the Viking 2 lander landed and began exploring the planet on September 3, 1976. The Zurong rover landed at this location on May 14, 2021 as part of the Tianwen-1 mission.

Zhurong_ image from Mars_2_100 days on Mars
Source: CNASA, xinhuanet.com, Image published on June 11, 2021 by the China National Space Agency (CNSA) showing a panorama of the landing site.

Today, however, we can say that In a few weeks, the solar conjunction of Mars will occur, an event in which Earth and Mars will be on opposite sides of the Sun.. In practice, this will mean that the communication between the rover and the ground will be temporarily disrupted in one form or another. However, this event is unlikely to end the mission on Mars. So far, everything seems to be going smoothly. In addition, the Tianwen-1 Mars mission consists of an orbiter that will continue to orbit Mars. The orbiter has been in place for more than 400 days.

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Zhurong_ picture from Mars_3_100 days in Mars.jpg
Source: CNSA, xinhuanet.com, Image released by China National Space Agency (CNSA) showing the landing platform of China’s first spacecraft, Zhurong

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