March 7, 2021

The CDC says the corona virus variant in the UK is likely to change mainly in the US by March

The UK variant of the corona virus is expected to become major in the United States by March, according to a report Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Released Friday.

So far, in 10 states, the CDC has identified only 76 cases of the variant known as P1.1.7.

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But recent research takes into account detailed analyzes of scenarios that coincide with the current trends of the Covit-19 events, with plans that could see variance “rapid growth” in the coming months, putting further pressure on the healthcare system.

“We are very concerned about this variation,” said Michael Johansson, co-chair of the modeling team and one of the authors of the study for CDC’s Govit-19 response.

Johansson cited evidence that the variant could be more easily transmitted per person from the UK, and said the CDC was working to increase efforts to further test for such variations in the United States.

The CDC report comes as the United States continues to handle more than 200,000 cases each day. Thursday was the third day in a row that more than 3,000 people died of Govt-19 disease in the United States, a total of 3,957 daily. Hospital systems across the country are overcrowded with Govt-19 patients.

There is no evidence that the UK variant can make people sick. But the rapid spread is sure to lead to more cases overall, the authors wrote, “increasing the burden on the already struggling health care system, leading to more deaths.”

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The CDC said the increased infection of the variance meant that the United States should redouble mitigation strategies, including mitigation and concealment and increasing vaccination rates.

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“Increased transmission of the B.1.1.7 variant provides global and increased compatibility with mitigation strategies, including remote and concealment,” the study authors wrote.

In it the authors wrote that “the expected vaccine coverage is much higher.” In general, when the virus is highly contagious, the number of people with immunity to reach what is known as herd immunity is high.

Measles, for example, is highly contagious and requires a very high level of herd immunity to reduce the risk of spreading to the community.

“When experts speculate based on what we know about the virus in the spring and summer, they estimate that somewhere around 70 percent of individuals must be immunocompromised to achieve that level of herd immunity,” said Govit-19, a U.S. citizen not involved in the CDC report. D. Said Dr. James Cutrell, an epidemiologist in the Southwest.

“As we learned more about the virus and refined some of our estimates of how contagious it is, it is now about 85 percent,” he said.

“We know people are exhausted and tired of what happened with this epidemic,” Johansson said. “But now we know we can act decisively, and we can turn the corner and help prevent another wave from coming in the spring.”

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