January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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The canopy is based on great performances and a proven series.  It will also provide a complete novelty

The canopy is based on great performances and a proven series. It will also provide a complete novelty

In 2021, Marchesa TV will present the first episodes of its popular series Sestričky, Pán profesor, Oteckovia, Susedia and Horná Dolná, and Red Tapes that were forcibly interrupted will see their reruns this spring. The romantic comedy series The Worst Week of My Life will be a complete broadcast novelty.

Entertainment highlights on the canopy will include a new series of narration shows, Your Familiar Face, the SuperStar Singing Contest, and there will also be a hit show 2-in-1 Wedding at a Glance.

Serial grandma

Source: TV Markíza

When you think it can’t get any worse, it gets worse. The worst week of my life is a new series that is a mixture of mistakes, misunderstandings and relationship disasters. The week before the wedding should be the best of your life, but as journalist Marcel prepares to marry his sweetheart Mel, it becomes a nightmare.

Marcel’s sincere attempts to do things right did not work at all. Whatever he does, everything turns against him and disaster after disaster follows.
All efforts to please Melania’s father, Alain, who believes that Marcel is not good enough for his daughter, ends with more and more despair. He was not helped by his classmate Sylvia, who was in love with him and would really do his best to prevent her from marrying. Will Marcel survive this disastrous week? Will their love overcome all obstacles?

The worst week of my life is the Slovak adaptation of the British comedy series The Worst Week of My Life, which was broadcast by BBC One in 2004-2006. The series was extremely popular, and the first series watched an average of five million viewers, and was also positively evaluated by critics. In 2006, it was nominated for the prestigious BAFTA Award for Best Situation Comedy. Domestic versions of the series were also created, for example, in Germany, the USA, Italy, Romania and Greece.
Roman Polaček, Kristina Svarinska and Zdina Studenkova will play the main roles in the Slovak adaptation. The series’ director is Peter Hovreka, creative producer Peter Kiliczek.

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Red streaks back

Source: TV Markíza

In 2021, the red tapes, which Marchesa presented to the screens in the spring, will see their replay, but after two episodes, they were pulled from the screens due to the Corona crisis. The series revolves around the power of friendship, overcoming obstacles, and the will to live in a hospital, but it differs from most series about this environment. The main characters are not the doctors, but their little patients between the ages of 10 and 16 who cares and love them.

The series is based on a Catalan origin called Polseres vermelles. The adaptations of the series in Germany and France were already a great success, and domestic versions brought television in the USA, Italy, Ukraine and Russia. The Slovak adaptation was created in collaboration with the production company of Ladybug and cinematographer Peter Kilicic, director Prato Messik, and creative producer Alexandra Dubowska.

SuperStar and your face

Source: TV Markíza

The latest SuperStar series was introduced by Markíza in the spring of 2020, while the last parts have already been aired during the difficult period of the coronavirus pandemic. The show scored a record among spectators, with an average of 614,000 spectators over the age of 12 watching each part. Next year, a jury led by Paľo Haber, under the direction of Pepe Majeský, will look for new singing talents.

The second big show will be on Marquis screens in 2021. Your face looks familiar. The entertainment show already has five successful series and two small OTO figurines in the Program of the Year category. Martin Nikodým became the show’s new moderator in season 5, and Zuzana Fialová, Dano Dangl, Mário „Kuly” Kollár and Zuzana Kubovčíková Šebová evaluated the performances from behind the jury’s table.

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New series of chain strikes

The first series of the most-watched family series Dads will bring new plots, humorous situations, and unexpected twists at the start of 2021. Hora Dolana and Sucedia will continue as well, and the fall’s most successful series, The Professor and Sisters, will also return.

The Professor is the Slovak version of the hit German series, originally titled Der Lehrer. RTL TV has been airing the series for eight seasons since 2009, while still achieving above average viewership and excelling, especially with younger, commercially attractive viewers. In addition to Slovakia, the series has also been successfully adapted in Hungary, where it has been aired since 2018. Like the Slovak adaptation, Paprika Studios is in production.

The Nurses will see their fourth series in 2021. The three series aired on Markíza TV in the fall and were the most watched series of the season. The subject of the series, like the professor, is based on a foreign model. In Nurses, Markíza came up with the Finnish series Syke, which takes place in the emergency and trauma department, which has been adapted by television in Sweden, Belgium, Great Britain and Germany. The original series consisted of 40 parts divided into four groups of 10 parts. So far, the Marquis has aired 30 episodes, so the fourth Sestričie series will be definitive.