January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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The burden of entrepreneurs must be eliminated

It should be the work of a sculptor gradually carving a gem out of a rock. In Slovakia, though, it’s an expected job in a quarry. I’m talking about removing the unnecessary burden that laws, decrees, and other regulations place on entrepreneurs, which has grown to appalling proportions over the years.

Since the middle of this year, we have launched a 1-in-1 mechanism, which introduced a commitment for ministries to determine the costs to entrepreneurs of proposed changes to laws. And if there is an increase, they should also suggest an equivalent cost reduction.

From the beginning of next year, we will change to “higher degree”, i.e. to 1 out of 2, the obligation of ministries to change laws so that the resulting costs are reduced by twice the newly introduced costs.

Currently, after months of intense negotiations with the responsible ministries, we have been able to submit to the government, without controversy, a second package of measures to improve the business environment, which contains 200 specific proposals from entrepreneurs.

It eliminates costs, duplication and various bureaucratic restrictions. As early as January 2022, we will start preparing the third package, and we already have more than 200 suggestions in the container to prepare. And that’s not all.

In the first quarter of 2022, we will introduce a mechanism for the ex-post evaluation of the regulations. Behind this name is another systematic tool to protect entrepreneurs from over-regulation.

It is the task of the ministries to review after some time the rules that have been established which may cause problems for the business. These include the Slovak classics, i.e., amendments to laws relating to new obligations of business just prior to their approval in Parliament.

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Or laws that were passed despite opposition and warnings from businessmen. And, of course, the regulations, which ultimately caused costs much higher than expected when they were approved. The range of tools is growing and each is delivering results.

Kilečká are suggestions from entrepreneurs, 1 in 1 is like a monitoring dog and the subsequent evaluation will be like a regular health check.

In 2022, we will also set up a protection system against unexplained gold plating. Thanks to him, we should not be more papal than the Pope when adopting European legislation from 2023.

It sounds like a lot, but we also need these mechanisms to work on improving the business environment. Using them can help us make working conditions more attractive and increase the competitiveness of our economy.