December 2, 2021

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The British Army will begin importing fuel at petrol stations

The British Army will begin importing fuel at petrol stations

The British Armed Forces will begin importing petrol at petrol stations across the UK on Monday. According to the government, temporary assistance will be provided by 200 members of the armed forces, including 100 drivers, to ease the pressure on the stations.

Long queues in front of petrol stations

Ministers also announced that 300 foreign fuel tankers could be operational in the UK immediately by the end of March. According to the BBC News website.

Truck drivers have been waiting in long queues in front of petrol stations this week following a shortage of fuel.

Emphasizing that there would be enough fuel if people normally shopped, the ministers said the condition of the service station front tanks was improving and was delivering more fuel than is currently being sold. However, they acknowledged that in some parts of the country the situation is worse than in others.

Rising fuel prices

Brian Maderson, president of the British Association of Retailers of Petrol, told BBC Radio 4 Today that the situation had improved significantly in parts of Scotland, the north of England and the Midlands. In contrast, they have a major fuel problem in London and the southeastern part of the UK. According to him, drivers should also be prepared for the rise in fuel prices, but due to “global factors”.

In addition to the possibility of foreign drivers working temporarily in the UK, the government is issuing temporary visas to 4,700 food freight drivers, who may arrive at the end of October and leave by 28 February 2022. Visa also provides for another 5,500 workers. In the poultry sector, they can come from the end of October and stay until December 31st.

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In addition to temporary visas, the government has announced a number of measures aimed at reducing supply disruptions before and after Christmas.