January 24, 2022

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The Brazilian coach went to the Argentines: They lack respect

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The coach of the Brazilian national football team, Tite, believes that the Argentines showed a lack of respect before duel with each other. The racket for the South American MS 2022 qualifier in Sao Paulo was boycotted and then canceled seven minutes after officials accompanied by police intervened.

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The problem was caused by four Argentine players from British clubs, who, according to the Brazilian authorities, gave false information when entering the country. The match was started by Cristiano Romero, Giovanni Lo Celso and Emiliano Martinez.

“It would be fair to respect the law. A fair decision is to put people’s health first. A fair decision is that sport is important, but health is more important. Laws are above football. I want the match to take place, but we need laws and respect them.” Football is not over. Tate announced.

It is alleged that four Argentine footballers gave false information upon entering Brazil. Special conditions apply to those coming from the United Kingdom, India and the Republic of South Africa, including a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in the country. “The players who arrived from Caracas to Guarulhos have announced that they have not stayed in any of the banned countries for the past two weeks.” The Department of Political Affairs cited a statement from the Anfis Health Authority.

However, the office has information that four players have been in the UK during the period and have not reported this. “We’re talking about human lives, it’s about health. Coming here and being above the law, to getting around the rules – that shouldn’t happen.” Tite added.

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The International Football Association Board (FIFA) Disciplinary Committee has already started an investigation into the premature end of the match. However, he has not yet indicated which side the accident might be faulty.