January 29, 2022

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The bouncy castle tragedy in Tasmania claims the sixth victim

The bouncy castle tragedy in Tasmania claims the sixth victim

Two other children remain in critical condition.

Sydney. Last week’s incident in Tasmania, Australia, in which an inflatable rubber castle rose under gusts of wind and then fell from a great height, was the sixth victim.

The local police were informed on Monday CNN TVAccordingly, doctors there separated 11-year-old boys from support devices on Sunday.

Chase Harrison was one of nine children who fell ten meters from a rubber castle after being lifted by a gust of wind during a school year celebration at Hillcrest Primary School in Devonport on the north coast of Tasmania.

Six children died as a result of this tragedy. Tasmanian police said two other children remain in a critical condition in hospital, while one is already recovering from injuries at home.

The police are investigating the causes of the tragedy. The strength of the winds and the way the castle was attached to the ground are also investigated.

The priority of the police is to “listen to all witnesses, collect and analyze forensic evidence and all environmental aspects, including weather conditions and the situation at the time of the accident.”

Given the need to hear many traumatized children and adults, psychologists help with interrogations.

The bouncy castle was one of the many attractions that were set up for students as part of the celebration, as the school reported on its social network page. A water park and giant zorbing balls are also provided for children.