October 21, 2021

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Bearded Brothers

The Bearded Brothers are preparing for a new store. It wants to spread all over Slovakia and break into abroad

Four years ago, a bistro with a specific name was set up in Nitra. When you ask someone under Zobor about the bearded brothers, he will immediately tell you who he is.

Under the original name Bearded Brothers, good food is prepared, which is behind the siblings Patrick and Lukasz. We wrote about the company’s beginnings in our article four years ago, but now they’ve also started dealing with meat that hasn’t been cooked yet.

The beginning of a foodie’s journey

One day, the adorable boys bought an old booth online, renovated it in addition to working full time, and slowly followed their dreams.

“After we finished the stand, we still didn’t know much what dishes we were going to cook. My brother wanted burgers, but I resisted because I thought everyone was doing it.

In the meantime, I went on vacation to Bali with my fiancée, where we met Johnny and Taco. I fell in love with the food that day and said this would be mine and my brother would get the burgers.

Today, they are expanding their business and their goal is clear. They want to get out. In addition, they prepare other works, which you will learn about in this article.

Food quality is high

Over the course of four years, the brothers managed to build a truly strong brand. Bearded Brothers combine quality food, prompt service, and a fun atmosphere.

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Source: Actuality .sk