January 22, 2022

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The Battlefield character has been given new leadership, and Vince Zampella . has taken over

The Battlefield character has been given new leadership, and Vince Zampella . has taken over

DICE games were floating around for the last time and it’s likely the fact that the bigger games have gradually left. Especially last month there was a lifetime influx of talent. Now let’s see that this is also the result of long-term changes in the company, which were first introduced by EA. The Battlefield logo was taken by DICE and acquired by Vince Zampella.

Vince Zampella created the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty characters, stood behind Titanfall and Apex Legends and now earned Battlefield. It doesn’t look bad.

Vince leads both the Respawn (working on the Jedi 2) and the Ripple Effect tdio. This created and will continue to develop the Portal Model for Battlefield 2042, but at the same time Create a new Battlefield 2042 And at the same time responsible for the mag Battlefield Universe linked. This is the concept where all Battlefield games and reimes come together.

Halo designer Marcus Lehto, who will first form a development team in Seattle focused on adding a story to Battlefield League, will also help update the characters. Apparently, it will create a unified course that can only be followed at different times, as in some parts called Call of Duty. Bud will work with Ripple Effect and DICE. We’ll see their first results in subsequent battles in Battlefield 2042.

In the meantime, Zampella will increase the number of Battlefield Eagles operating in different classes. The old saying is that there is an “era of both creativity and the creation of innovative gameplay features.” Now there is a lot of money, he adds, and let’s see all the possibilities to expand Battlefield to its fullest potential.

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