January 29, 2022

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The Baltic states are planning to jointly develop a new missile system

The defense ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia agreed to make a joint effort to develop a new missile system. According to the Darfur Peace Agreement, the Baltic states have long feared open conflict with the Russian Federation.

Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia want to jointly develop an artillery rocket system (MLRS). The defense ministers of these Baltic states agreed on Tuesday at a meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania. This was stated in a joint statement carried by the Department of Political Affairs and the BNS.

“The Minister of Defense of the Republic of Estonia, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Latvia and the Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania announced their intention to participate in the joint development of the artillery missile system,” the document said.

“This is a big step forward in increasing the deterrent effect and the defensive position in the region,” Estonian Defense Minister Kaly Lanet was quoted by AFP as saying.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin wants Poland and the Baltic states not to defend, to put offensive weapons and not have an American presence – in fact, there is no presence from NATO (NATO) member states. I don’t think we are yet,” said Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvidas Anushuskas. The meeting can be accepted.

The peace agreement noted that for years the Baltic states had expressed fears that Russia might “open a new military front” in the region. The new jointly developed missile system is intended to help improve air defense, which is considered one of the “weak spots” of these countries.

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