December 9, 2021

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The Austrian army trained dogs to search for the Corona virus

They trained two dogs, a Belgian Shepherd and a Rottweiler, so that they could “smell” covid with an advantage well above 80 percent.

The Austrian army announced, on Tuesday, that it was able to train two dogs to be able to detect the presence of a new Corona virus in humans. Reuters reported.

Research in many countries – from Thailand to Britain – has revealed that dogs can detect the presence of the Corona virus with high accuracy with the help of their good sense of smell. This suggests they could be used as a kind of additional security protection at major events or border crossings, Reuters reports.

Dogs trained to recognize the coronavirus have been used since last year at airports in Finland and Chile.

Austrian authorities announced Tuesday that they have trained two dogs, a Belgian Sheepdog and a Rottweiler, so they can “smell” Covid with an advantage of more than 80 percent. More than 3,000 samples, including blinds, were used in training. .

“We have known for a long time that our service dogs can smell different substances…However, what we have achieved now is something extraordinary,” Austrian Defense Minister Claudia Tanner said at a press conference.

The head of the Austrian Army’s Dog Training Center, Otto Kubic, told reporters that a dog that already has experience recognizing the sense of smell for different substances needs about two weeks of training to learn to identify samples that contain the coronavirus. It takes another three months to fully improve this ability.

So far, Vienna has no specific intentions with trained dogs, according to Reuters. However, Minister Tanner said Austria would like to help other countries with such training for service dogs.

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