December 2, 2021

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The American hockey team Paul Stastny beat Slovakia without any problems

The American hockey team Paul Stastny beat Slovakia without any problems

Men’s hockey is one of the most watched events at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Here are 12 Olympic ice hockey figures you need to know. (Daveen Coburn / The Washington Post)

Twenty years ago, an Olympic team representing newly independent Slovakia marched for the first time into Norway’s Lillehammer Stadium at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. At the head of the new flag was a hockey player who played in the North American NHL.

Peter Stastney is an MEP today and seems to have had his hockey days. But he also takes a game that has established himself at home and abroad. And when the Olympics began and Slovakia’s match against the United States approached, he was asked who would support him.

“My dad’s answer was, OK, we’re playing Slovakia,” Paul Happy said Thursday night. So it’s America.

For most of the US men’s hockey team, Thursday was a sure thing They defeated Slovakia 7:1 At Shaybah Stadium, the 11-hour flight provided an opportunity to wave cobwebs, interact with new teammates, and wide, open areas of Olympic ice.

The Americans did well. Washington Capitals defender John Carlson scored the team’s first goal in the United States game, and after Slovakia equalized at the start of the second half, the United States responded with six goals in 15 minutes.

“There is always a lot of courage and enthusiasm at the start of this tournament,” said US captain Zach Paris. “We won very importantly, but thanks to a very strong victory, you feel good.”

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The United States won solid gold from Jonathan Quick, who started with Ryan Miller, as the MVP in 2010, with the US team losing to Canada after overtime. Quick saved 22 of the 23 shots he faced against Slovakia, which saw his two goals – first Jaroslav Halak, then Peter Budaz, two NHL players – under the second American attack.

Carlson slapped the streak in the first 5 minutes 33 seconds, scoring six Americans: Ryan Kessler, Stastney, David Bucks, Bill Kessel and finally Dustin Brown.

“It’s very good for me personally and publicly for the team,” Carlson said. “. . . In some situations, it was difficult throughout the match, but one learns from it and tries to perform better. I know I felt better in the third period than in the first and second period.

The only American player to score two goals? Stostnie is the only American player who cares more about the opponent in the dark blue of Slovakia. His parents and grandparents were Slovaks. He speaks the language.

“Playing with them is always exceptional,” Happy said. “Playing against Canada or Russia is fun for me. Playing in Slovakia is fun.

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No athlete has such a rich and varied background in hockey as Stastney at the Olympics. Not only did his father play in the NHL for 15 years on three teams, score 450 goals and be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame – but also his uncles Anton and Marion. In 1980, Peter and Anton Stastney played for the Quebec Nordic team from Czechoslovakia. Later, Marion joined them.

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Paul Stastny was born in Quebec in 1985, so he can play for the Canadian team, which joins the favorite Russian national team before the match. But when Paul Stastney was 4 years old, his father moved to New Jersey. Peter Stastney has not played another game in the National Hockey League with the Canadian team, and Paul has dual citizenship.

Paul Stastny, a 28-year-old member of the Colorado Avalanche, doesn’t remember his father carrying the Slovak flag in Norway many years ago. His father, Paul is “modest” in his estimation, and doesn’t talk much about it.

“When someone asks him, I raise my ear and try to listen to what they have to say,” said Paul Stastney. “I know how special it is for him. I think this is one of his greatest accomplishments and one of the most humbling things he has ever done.

On Thursday afternoon, Peter Stastney was in Shaybah Square watching his son play against his homeland, for which he once carried the flag. As the Americans advance–in addition to Saturday’s massive duel with Russia–the mighty Slovakian will stand in their corner, across the United States.

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