January 16, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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The American billionaire claims that by 2030 he will build a city like science fiction.  It looks like a utopia, but it doesn't want it to be

The American billionaire claims that by 2030 he will build a city like science fiction. It looks like a utopia, but it doesn’t want it to be

Mark Eric Lower, 49, is an American businessman and investor who was president and CEO of the Walmart US store brand from 2016 to 2021. The estimated value of his holdings in 2021 is about Four billion dollars. Laure recently embarked on a project unlike any other in the world.

Source: cityoftelosa.com

The successful businessman expressed concern about the growing wealth gap across the United States. According to him, the solution to this problem is to build each new city, which will follow its own rules and will be created “in a green field”.

The new city, called Telusa, will really appear from scratch and avoid the old problems of infrastructure and policies that would limit its development. On the official site The city is said to build on its experience and innovations gained from building other cities in the United States.

“We can build the most sustainable and resilient city, which will serve as a model and help the residents of existing cities.” The choice of the exact location of the future city is still being studied, but Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas and the Appalachian Mountains region are being considered.

Source: cityoftelosa.com

The team behind this project declares that Telusa will not be private, on the contrary, it will be indebted to all. The goal is to create an environment in which everyone can reach their full potential and achieve a higher quality of life.

To many it may seem that this is just a form of utopia. Utopian projects aim to create an ideal ideal situation. But that shouldn’t be the case with Telosa.

Source: cityoftelosa.com

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“We focus on the best and most sustainable solutions for infrastructure, urbanization, economic dynamism and urban services, but we are fully aware that there is no perfect solution and that all human systems have shortcomings. That is why we are committed to new ideas, finding the best way to solve difficult problems, and continuous improvement.”

Early residents must come here for several reasons. These include good work, education and a new way of life. Some will come on an adventure and live in a sustainable city that also has a clear plan for the future.

“Economic dynamism, which creates jobs and opportunities, will build a strong community that values ​​the achievements of individuals and the idea that we do not leave people aside. Visitors and residents will also see Telus as a destination for next-generation mobility, world-class education that will shape the future, the latest innovations in industry, entertainment and the most unique culture” .

Source: cityoftelosa.com

Residents should move here by 2030, during which time the city will be able to accommodate about 50,000 people. The city is committed to creating a circular economy with materials that reduce the need to extract additional natural resources and thus reduce the loss of natural habitats.

Most importantly, and unlike any other city in the world, Telusa will establish a fund to restore vital habitats and conserve the region’s natural resources.

Fossil fuel vehicles will be completely banned here, space will be made for bicycles and electric cars, and air farms and smart water storage will not be lost. “Just imagine what’s possible with sustainable building materials, autonomous vehicles, electric aircraft, and the movement of materials underground.”

The project will be divided into several phases over decades. The project team expects the start-up phase (1,500 acres, 50,000 residents) to cost more than $25 billion and more than $400 billion to build the city. Telosa’s funding will come from a variety of sources, including private investors, philanthropists, state and federal grants, and economic development grants.

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The future city will be marked by the so-called equality. It’s an economic system in which citizens have a share of urban land – if the city thrives, the residents will do better.

Initially, all land will be donated to a community foundation, which will use the increased value of the land to fund the improvement of public services. The building blocks for prosperity will be: better education, better access to home ownership, better health and well-being, more innovative jobs and more jobs and retraining. This will allow all citizens greater access to opportunity and greater shared prosperity.

The authors of the project add that Telosa will require efforts from all walks of life, every income group, every racial and ethnic group and every political spectrum.

Source: cityoftelosa.com