November 28, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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The $10 billion James Webb Telescope is eagerly awaiting the universe. These shots show how they carried it

The biggest and most complex project $10 billion, which will forever change space observation and exploration, has been unloaded after a difficult flight and preparation for launch. The portal drew attention to the topic SciTechDaily.

After successfully completing the required final tests, a tiring flight to French Guiana and a transfer to the European Spaceport, the James Webb Telescope is unloaded and ready for its space flight.

will rotate according to Ariane 5 was scheduled to launch in December, which will place it in a transition orbital orbit, and from where it will travel to the destination, the second Libra point (L2).

It is 4 times farther from Earth than the Moon, and is located 1.5 million km from our planet. After detaching from the rocket, the telescope will continue on its way to point L2 completely alone.

Just a few days ago, in its folded state, this 10.5 meter high, 4.5 meter wide and 6 ton “treasure” of futuristic space research was moved and pulled from a special shipping container to be placed in a very clean room.

For now, the telescope should be in the same vertical position as it will be located in Ariane 5’s cargo space. The telescope is the largest, newest, and most powerful piece of technology designed to observe the farthest objects in space.

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