January 16, 2022

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Tesla asked for $22,000 to replace the battery that needed repair

Tesla asked for $22,000 to replace the battery that needed repair

Compared to internal combustion engine models, it is generally cheaper to maintain an electric vehicle until the battery is replaced. However, it is not always necessary to replace the entire battery system with tens of thousands, which, however, may not be disclosed to you by an authorized service center.

Tyler Hoover of Hoovie’s Garage YouTube channel, who recently purchased a used 2013 P85 Tesla Model S electric car, recently shared his experience with this fix.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t completely be necessary to replace the battery in an 8-year-old electric car, but the onboard computer for this piece has reported a decrease in the maximum capacity of the battery. Due to the protection against battery failure and damage, the electric vehicle cannot be charged more than 50 miles (80 kilometers).

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Tyler naturally brought his Model S to an authorized Tesla workshop, which, after diagnosis, recommended replacing the entire battery unit for an incredible $22,500. It is understood that he did not want to enter into this investment, so he resorted to unauthorized service electric garage.

As noted by the gate ElectricRecently, Tesla started making some of its diagnostic tools available to third parties. However, this wasn’t enough to detect a Tyler Model S. problem, so technicians from Electrified Garage had to bypass some of the Tesla systems and turn the car back to factory mode. Their diagnosis later revealed voltage drops in two of the 16 units.

One unit can be purchased for $1,500, and the other repair parts cost $750. Replacing two Tyler units costs about $5,000, which is 75% cheaper than an authorized service center.

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It’s understandable why Tesla didn’t want to make similar corrections. In addition to the time required, it is also a matter of delaying the later necessary replacement of the entire battery system. If Tesla completely replaces the customer’s battery in this way, the old battery can be returned to the factory for recycling and the new battery can serve the customer for another 8-10 years or more.

However, with the advent of affordable electric cars, it is important that such an informal repair is absolutely possible and that car manufacturers provide the necessary spare parts as well as service manuals to third parties. Having bought an electric car for 20-25,000 euros, not everyone will be able to invest the same amount in replacing the entire battery system after a few years.