November 30, 2021

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Terror bear attack: broke into the hut where the family was resting, almost killed his mother!

Terror bear attack: broke into the hut where the family was resting, almost killed his mother!

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Laurel-Rose von Hoffman spent her vacation in her cabin on Lake Tahoe. On Saturday October 30, early on Saturday morning, she was awakened by strange roaring sounds from the ground floor. At first she thought it was her son, but when she went downstairs, she had a horrible look. A huge Barib was quarreling in the kitchen, searching in the refrigerator and throwing food on the floor. When she noticed Laurel, he immediately ran up to her and attacked her. “I just remember waving a big paw in front of my face. Then I could feel the tears in my body.” Remember the scary moments of a former doctor currently undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma.

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threw him a quilt

The woman managed to get upstairs, but the bear ran after her. She threw him a quilt, allowing her more time. By that time, her husband and son had already woken up and walked out of their rooms. Then the monster finally withdrew and ran out of the house. Hoffman’s husband immediately called an ambulance that took the American to the hospital. She sustained several injuries to the face, neck, back, shoulders and other parts of her body. Among other things, the bear bit her left chest and abdomen. Doctors then prescribed antibiotics to the patient to prevent infections and infections, as the immune system had been weakened as a result of chemotherapy, and also because the bears carry different types of bacteria.

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The bear knows our hut

Laurel and her family used to go to the lakeside inn regularly, especially now that due to cancer and epidemic, he cannot walk much among the people. “It would be dangerous to go there now, for the bear knows our hut, and knows that there is food in it, and knows how to get into it.” advertiser. Captain Patrick Fury of the California Fish and Wildlife Agency said they set traps around the hut. If they manage to catch him, he will have to sleep.

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The black bear is the only species of bear that lives in the wild in California. There are currently about 25,000 to 30,000 of them, and many are also moving around Lake Tahoe, where the attack took place. This area is partly urban, as a result of which they are accustomed to people and are not afraid of them. According to Foy, it often happens that someone breaks into a house, a car, or searches containers.