January 24, 2022

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Ten years since the “departure” of Pavel Dmitra: legends live forever

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Today, ten years have passed since the whole world commemorated the terrible plane crash in Russia, in which all the Yaroslavl hockey players died, and with them one of the greatest Slovak sports figures, Pavol Dimitra.

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It was common on a Wednesday afternoon. The day after the Slovak footballers lost at home to Armenia 0:4, it resonated strongly with the Slovak sports fans. No one knew the worst news was coming when rumors of a plane crash arrived from Russia.

There were moments of uncertain chaos. New and fresh information kept coming from Russia. Soon it was confirmed that Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey players were already on the plane to Minsk for the first match of the KHL season. The plane was completely destroyed and he did not mention the people who were rescued. We still hope it wasn’t there. He didn’t even have to play in this match due to an injury…

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However, on September 7, 2011, only bad news came from the airport near Yaroslavl. A few hours later, they found two people alive under the rubble. Alexander Galimov, the 26-year-old striker, was the only team to survive the accident, but he also died for five days in hospital. Only flight engineer Alexander Sizov survived.

Slovakia remained in shock, it was just horror and sadness. It was hard to believe what happened. Not just the hockey world and not just the sports world, 44 people aboard the Jak-42 lost their lives. Only the flight engineer survived. The entire hockey team: 13 Russian players, three Ukrainians, two Belarusians, a Latvia, a German, a Swede, Czech representatives Jan Marek, Karel Rachnik, Josef Vasicek and the captain of the Slovak national team, who said goodbye to the national team shirt. Just a few months ago. Paful Dimitra was 36 years old .

Legends live forever…

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It was painful, but suddenly we had to say goodbye to Pa. All without exception. Be it his immediate family and friends, teammates or fans, everyone said goodbye to tears. It is difficult to say whether the death of the Slovak has so far affected the entire nation in this way.

Weeks and months passed and Paul Dimitra, although he was no longer alive, did not leave this world. His face was and still is in many places, and in many monuments. His number “38” was forever associated with his equipment by hockey players, and with his thought he kept his life light among them. His shirt is immortalized and his legacy is not covered in dust.

The Slovak hockey team achieved a small miracle at the 2012 World Cup in Finland. The underestimated team won silver medals there. And in the end, fate “connected” us with Russia, which also healed its grief. The Czechs won the bronze and also played with their three “brothers”.

Or maybe after this sad year in Slovak hockey, there could have been a nicer moment than when the captain was Zdeno Chara Did he wear a Dimitra shirt and dedicate that silver success to an old friend out there? He said, “I’m so glad we made it happen. I dedicate it to Pasek Dimitra, who has always been with us, has been on our minds.”

“Bao is still here with us. We know that. I dedicated every goal to him. This silver medal belongs to him too. After all, we played the entire tournament for him and him,” he said at the time. Tomas Kopeck , who after every minute kick in the championship in 2012 before 38 on his gloves and pointed to the sky.

The departure of a great friend made even strong men cry. “He was an extraordinary friend. May he rest in peace, but he will always be with us,” he said. Ľuboš Bartečko And tears in his eyes.

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“The day it happened was the saddest thing in my life. Paľo was an exceptional person, loved by everyone, both in Slovakia and in America. An amazing and versatile player. Everyone knows what a great hockey player he was, few people know,” said one of his best friends. Marian Gaborek .

“Now his beautiful emotional farewell to the fans at the Bratislava Winter Stadium takes on a much deeper meaning. It’s hard not to think of everything, it can’t be out of my mind. With tears in his eyes, he waves to people and hugs his teammates,” he said in 2011. Soon after the tragedy Miroslav the devil .

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These boys simply “drag” their friend Pavel Dmitra with them wherever their steps lead them. And they will pass his legacy on to new generations. The former successful coach of the Slovak national team summed it up beautifully over time Jan Wilk .

“Paľo has always been a strong part of the national team and in fact any match. His tragic passing away to the underworld was a very bad and painful thing and not easy to talk about. But… if Paľo’s memory is to remain a part of the national team, as everyone can we wish it would be.” It’s good that the players can still feel that.”

Maybe everything will fade a little over time. Even strong feelings will weaken. Year after year, the memory of Pavel Dmitra is easier. Well, forget about some people, some moments, some things in life just can’t be done. Because legends live forever.

Final farewell: “Farewell, Captain…!”

Tribute to the eternal memory of Pavel Dmitra and all the victims of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl air tragedy …

Michael Balandin (31 years) , Gennady Churilov (24), Alexander Galimov (26), Marat Kalimulin (23), Alexander Kaljanin (23), Andrei Kergochin (24), Nikita Klokin (21), Maxim Shuvalov (18), Pavel Snornesen (19), Ivan Tkachenko (31), Pavel Trachanov (33), Yuri Orishev (20), Alexander Vasgunov (23), Artyom Jarchuk (21, all Russia)

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Jan Marek (31), Karel Rachnik (32), Joseph Vasijek (30, all Czech Republic)

Vitaly Anichenko (24), Danilo Sobchenko (20, both Ukraine)

Sergey Ostapchuk (21), Ruslan Sally (36, both are Belarus)

Pavol Dimitra (36, Slovakia)

Robert Dietrich (25, Germany)

Karl Schrastein (37, Latvia)

Stephen Lev (30, Sweden)


Boy: November 29, 1974 in Dubnice nad Váhom

Location: average forward

Project: 1993 in the ninth round from 227

Clubs: Dubnica nad Váhom (I. SL), Dukla Trenčín (Extraliga, also in the 2004/05 season during the NHL shutdown), Prince Edward Island Senate (AHL), Ottawa Senators (NHL), Las Vegas Thunder (IHL), Grand Rapids Griffins (IHL), St. Gallen Louis Blues (NHL), Los Angeles Kings (NHL), Minnesota Wild (NHL), Vancouver Canucks (NHL), Lokomotiv Yaroslavl (KHL)

NHL stats: In the core part of the profile 847 matches, 304 goals and 464 assists, in the playoffs 94 matches, 23 goals and 36 assists.

Statistics in KHL: In the main part 54 games, 18 goals and 43 assists, in the playoffs 18 games, 6 goals and 15 assists.

Slovak national team: He participated in the 1996, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2011 World Championships, the 2002, 2006, 2010 Winter Olympics and the 1996 and 2004 World Cup, playing 77 matches and scoring 27 goals.

Acting achievements: Bronze at the 2003 World Championships in Finland, Bronze at the 1993 World Championships in Sweden (still in the shirt of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic), the most recent period captain of the Slovak team, finished his career in the most valuable jersey at the 2011 World Championships in Bratislava and Kosice

family: Paful Dimitra was married and with his wife Maria had two children, son Lucas and daughter Zara (*2005). Zarina’s twin, Tobias, died four days after his birth due to a serious airway defect.