January 29, 2022

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Television evangelists are attacking!  (Series) / CinemaView

Television evangelists are attacking! (Series) / CinemaView

TV players. A phenomenon that has captured the hearts and souls of many viewers, especially in the United States, who are trying to accept faith through their screens. In addition to a piece of charisma and showmanship, many also lack massive wealth. The same applies to Gems, the main characters of the series, which came to our area under the Czech name In the name of our Lord.

If you don’t mind Danny McBride’s sense of humor, which is steeped in a dose of disgust and sometimes turns into silent embarrassment, then this series is just for you. A family with a long, multi-generational evangelical tradition is really successful. On his head is an Elie gemstone (John Goodman) leading to his offspring moving to the same profession. However, in addition to their profession, they also take deviant behavior, management skills, and acting skills from their father.

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eldest among sonsDanny McBride) seeks to bring modern elements and ideas into evangelism, and has been largely successful. The rest of the family also participates in one way or another in the common business and at the same time fights for its eldest member.

Featured characters pull the story off and seem to have been written to measure by the actors. For John Goodman, his role was great, Danny McBride was born for such characters, and he is also excellent at service Waltuna Gugensawho often steals the entire show for himself.

The main topic itself may be a little strange for Slovaks. We simply don’t have anything like evangelicals in our country. You may have met them in the music video for Jesus He Knows Me by Genesis, who mocked them years ago. To a greater extent, precisely because of their ignorance of the facts, the domestic viewer probably will not appreciate the signs that the creators of the series hid. On the other hand, the main message that money corrupts the character and is the cause of much evil can be read by everyone.

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Funny dialogues, as well as eye-catching hints (for example, temples in supermarkets or competition between televangelists) should also be appreciated. Revealing the scandals of people preaching holiness is fun, and accompanied by side stories that amuse and give way to potential continuation.

© 2021 HBO Gems

The problem with the series is the imbalance in the quality of the individual episodes. One reason is the fact that this style of humor balances the edge of awkwardness, hilarity, and sometimes even portrayal of the screenwriter. That’s why you’re showing Good gems It will be enjoyed by those who enter the creators’ game and allow themselves to be disturbed by a flurry of not the most wonderful entertainment.

The series about evangelicals who believe in nothing but materialism is a fun break that you’ll devour in one weekend with little effort. The characters probably won’t be entirely nice to you and won’t support them, but that makes it fun. This is greatly helped by the good performance of actors who have extensive comedic experience.

According to the information available, we will see the second series soon, and HBO has already promoted it with a trailer. If nothing changes, the premiere will be in January next year. Now is the perfect time to finish the first season which you can find online on HBO GO.