March 3, 2021

TCS 5G deal bags from three UK telcos, Telecom News and ED Telecom

New Delhi: Global IT services, consulting and corporate solutions provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on Monday announced the signing of 5G deals from three UK telecoms.

They are working to launch three new 5G radio access networks live on more than 1,000 platforms in 175 cities and towns across the UK.

The partnership between the two companies will see TCS build the key network for new site deployment, site improvements and optimization of 3G and 4G technologies.

TCS’s software speeds up configuration and minimizes manual errors, enabling proper configuration for the first time.

“All three of these improvements will enable us to provide faster, safer and more reliable 5G services to its customers,” the company service provider said.

“Contributes to our commitment to bringing three UK 5G roll-out services to market. Our decision to partner with TCS is based on this need to deliver at a speed that is flexible enough to change needs. TCS was able to mobilize quickly and now our 5 Is embedded in our 5G distribution to support G travel, ”said Carlo Mellis, the three UK chief network officer.

“As we enter this exciting new era of wide 5G consumer availability in the UK, we are expanding our mission with three. Providing better network access to customers is at the heart of Three’s mission, and we are pleased that they have chosen DCS’s unmatched network management and configuration solutions to achieve this.” Carol Wilson, Head of Communications, Media and Information Services, Business – Europe and the UK, DCS.

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