January 27, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Tablets are seeing an amazing comeback.  What will interest them today?

Tablets are seeing an amazing comeback. What will interest them today?

One is good at sports, the other can sing and the third is good at mathematics. This is how you work with tablets. They are alike, well, but each person is unique in something different. Whether you are looking for a facility that has several years of schooling with you, need a partner for the best possible efficiency on the job, or just a quiet companion for a good movie, this trio certainly won’t disappoint.

Do you take manual notes? go paperless

Many people are gradually abandoning handwritten notes, which they can no longer easily edit or share after writing. The touch screens of some laptops, especially well-equipped tablets, along with this trend, which can not only save notes written with an active pen, but also convert them directly into digital form, are in tandem. This makes it easy to keep working with them, either individually or in a larger team, who can edit notes in parallel.

As the sensitivity of both monitors and styluses has improved, this technology has proven to be very practical. For example, it can come in handy for an important conference call, where typing your hands on the tablet screen is more discreet than tapping an elevated key on the keyboard. But it is not necessary to just finish the notes. Besides the written word, the tablet can also digitize any graphics, graphs, or mind maps. This indisputable advantage is also offered by the two latest Lenovo tablets – the flexible and professionally equipped Yoga TAB 13 Lenovo Tab P11 Pro.

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The second screen also contains a personal assistant

After a busy day, you need to rest and relax. Sometimes we can’t do more than play a good movie or a favorite series. It’s like a tablet for the occasion Yoga Tab 11. It also offers the Google Entertainment Space app, which brings together all the streaming services, so you don’t have to open each app on your tablet separately when watching videos. In addition, its dimensions are designed for carrying, lying on the sofa or relaxing in bed while watching a movie or series. At the same time, it is equipped with up to four JBL speakers, which in combination with Lenovo Premium Audio Solution and Dolby Atmos technology will allow you to fully enjoy every note of your favorite song and hear even the quietest whisper of a thrilling story.

If you can treat your tablet as an extra device, access the Lenovo Yoga TAB 13. With the micro HDMI port, you can easily connect it as a peripheral to your workstation, expanding your desktop to which you can only move notes for a specific task. Additionally, the Yoga Tab 13 features the Google Voice Assistant that helps users enter and find information at work and beyond.

Source: Lenovo

Enjoy the game to the fullest

We buy tablets mainly for entertainment and content consumption. Movies, series, surfing the internet or playing games. With new tablets Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 This fun takes on a new dimension. With the Google Entertainment Space app, you can quickly and easily start your last played games or play one of the so-called instant games without having to install.

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It can handle the most demanding titles thanks to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 octa-core processor with a clock speed of 3.2GHz, a 2K display, up to 400 nits of brightness, and Dolby Vision HDR support. Controlling the most demanding games, in turn, will make it easy to connect an external gaming controller to the Yoga TAB 13 tablet. You don’t have to worry about the short time. This tablet gives you 12 hours of fun without any issues, and if you still want to continue, you can charge it quickly with a 30W charger.

If you are interested in tablets, you will receive the TAB P11 PRO at a price of 669 euros, the Yoga TAB 13 from 739 euros and the Yoga TAB 11 from 349 euros in data comp.