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Surprise loss of a leader!  Slovan unexpectedly lost to Nový Zámky, and Michalovce finally won

Surprise loss of a leader! Slovan unexpectedly lost to Nový Zámky, and Michalovce finally won

Pictured on the right, Tomas Klimba (in Zamke), in the center of goalkeeper Samuel Hlavage and on the left Michael Cersen (both Sloven) Source: TASR – Pavel Neubauer

BRATISLAVA – Slovan Bratislava hockey players surprisingly lost in a duel on Thursday of the 47th round of the extra-league Tepos with the penultimate team of HC Nové Zámky 1:2 table. The guests were completely surprised by the competition leader, after goals Juraj Šiška and Tomáš Klempa, took the lead 2:0 after the first half, and the home team was only able to reduce in the 50th minute thanks to William Rapuzzi. Novi Zamky won after a streak of four defeats and moved away from the last Liptovsky Mikulas by four points in the table.

HC Slovan Bratislava – HC Nove Zamky 1:2 (0:2, 0:0, 1:0)
Goals: 50. Rabozzi (Hachak, Valach) – 16. CSKA (Varga, Jackson), 20. Klimba (Cysovsky). Judges: Štefík, D. Konc st. – Dormes, Valo, Commentary: 1:2 for two minutes, Power-ups and Weaknesses: 0:0, No spectators.

HC Slovan Bratislava: Hlavaj – MacKenzie, Breton, Gachulinec, Sersen, Valach, Maier, Beňo – Haščák, Rapuzzi, Yogan – Jääskeläinen, Harris, Takáč – Gašpar, Kytnár, Sukeľ – otek, Bezák, Belluš – Urbánek

HC Nové Zámky: Bakala – Kozák, Roman, Hatala, Bull, Knižka, Holenda, Ligas – Ahlholm, Langkow, Klempa – Jackson, iška, išovský – Varga, Barto, Števuliak – Fetkovič, Ondrušek, Ferenyi – Mišiak

The first big chance came in the 10th minute, when Mackenzie pulled off Harris, who skied single-handedly past Novi Zamky, but did not beat Bacala. This was the single, most serious opportunity the Table Leader produced in the first period. The home team played very professionally, they lost their pucks lightly and the more aggressive guests were punishing their mistakes. In the 11th minute, Hlavage made an excellent intervention with a Klemp chance and in the 13th minute he also managed to catch Bart, but he surrendered three minutes later after the arrival of CSKA. At the end of the third half, Klempa increased to 2:0, and Šišovský set up a goal for him as a backhand ball.

Slovan players increased their activity a little in the second act and began to attack their opponents even higher. Sersen had a good position, but Bakala handled his backhand end and then Gašpar only rotated the side netting. Then the home team made a merry round of Nové Zámky’s defensive zone, and the result was the Yogan cannon, which sealed the left column. On the other hand, Števuliak and Varga did not punish Hlavaj’s hesitation. In the 36th minute, even homemade Suki didn’t change much chance.

The Slavs still could not reach the correct pace. At the beginning of the third part, they were almost collecting for the third time, Bull’s Hlavaj’s bullet hit the throat with effort and he also managed the subsequent hits. In the 49th minute, Sisovsky threw a great opportunity for the guests. Only in the last ten minutes did the locals exert more pressure. In the 50th minute they scored a touchdown goal, Rabozzi slipped away from a pair of defenders and ended the attack with a shot between concrete from Bacalo – 1: 2. In the 53rd minute, Takáč equalized with a hockey stick, but the disc ended only on the side nets. Three minutes and 20 seconds before the end of the match, Hlavay skated past the goal and Slovan attempted his shot by six minutes, but Rabusi’s shot and Hasak’s shot were detected by the superb Baccala. The host team took the last attack alone, when they rotated poorly and got two minutes for too many players on the ice. The score did not change and the “bulls” took an unexpected three points from the leading ice.

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He was elected to the derby, defeating Banska Bystrica

HKM Zvolen hockey players won Thursday’s game of round 47 of the Tipos Extraliga on HC´05 Banská Bystrica 3:2 after a raid shot.

HKM Zvolen – HC´05 Banská Bystrica 3: 2 pp a sn (1:1, 1:1, 0:0 – 0:0, 1:0)
Goals: 8. J. Mikúš (Stupka, Puliš), 22. Hraško (Kubka, Krieger), 65. Osterberg (judge one raid) – 17. c. Gabor, 39. Berger. Deduction: Snášel jr. , Baluška – Crman, Jedlička, 2-minute commentary: 5:6, power-ups: 1:0, weakness: 1:2, no spectators.

elect: Rahm – Roy, Meliško, Kotvan, Hain, Kubka, Hraško – Saracino, Krieger, Leskinen – Puliš, Viedenský, Zuzin – Osterberg, J. Mikúš, Stupka – Török, Gubančok, Csányi
Banska Bystrica: Wenger – Cardwell, Bachik, Björkung, Kostrometin, Chiak, Boldiger-Vionsky, Tamchy, Capacci-Fousser, Berger, Coltes-Fasach, Bobilla, Serbak-Galapafe, J. Gabor, Melcher

The goal of the players joy Zvolina
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Source: TASR / Ján Krošlák

The first trimester was rich in opportunities. Stupka did not use solo in the fifth minute, but the champ finally triumphed in the power game. Although Mikúš shot over the goal, the puck bounced off the backguard in front of it and surprised Kostromitin with his goalkeeper skate – 1:0. Bystrcany did not take advantage of his 85-second advantage from five to three. Török shot her from the angle on the other side. Guests can settle in if the burger pushes himself in front of Ram. Zvolen did not use the second force play when Mikúš did not hit the exposed area of ​​the Weninger reserve, and also collected it, because Gabor perfectly used Krieger’s slip – 1: 1. Bystrians may regret the two unused escapes from the erbak, in the first the Russian striker hit the top column, And in the second the stalking opponent blocked him at the most effective end. Vasach also had a good chance at renumbering, he burned himself in front of Ram.

Nick Saracino (Zvolin) vs.
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Source: TASR / Ján Krošlák

At the beginning of the second half, the Urpin players had the opportunity to beat, Gabor did not take two chances and a penalty came. In weakness, Hrašek managed a superb shot from behind the rings and it was 2:1. The guests were then injured by defender Chiak and only five HC´05 quarterbacks had to turn. The elect squandered good power, and Wenger was not subdued by Pulis, Zuzin and Liskinin. On the contrary, the target again fell into weakness. Berger took the lead after 39 minutes, making the score 2 to 2. At the break it was 2 – 2.

Banská Bystrica goalkeeper Evan
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Source: TASR / Ján Krošlák

In the third period, Bystrický striker Výhonsk made his first show, breaking through in front of Ram, but did not look at him. Home hockey players had more chances. Meleshko aimed right next to him from a good position and Polish didn’t work up close. The master then did not use another power game, he was full of activity, but ´barani´ defended well and then they were helped by two poles, the first ranged after the end of Krieger from a corner and the second after Leskinen’s shot from the circles. In the last minute, Tamáš’s Pestres center channeled the winds of HKM’s defense, but Rahma was undefeated. And so the duel reached overtime, with Weninger’s handcuffs once again helping Weninger. Viedensk did not face goalkeeper HC ´05 twice, so the winner was decided in separate raids, where Zvolen had more luck, and the new reinforcement Osterberg gave his team two points.

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Peter Zuzin (Zvolin) driving
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Source: TASR / Ján Krošlák

Michalovici finally wins

Hockey players from HK Dukla Ingem Michalovce won Thursday’s game of Round 47 of the Tipos Extra League over HK Spišská Nová Ves 4: 2. In December, Finnish coach Tomic Faltonen’s teams succeeded for the first time and pulled off an eight-game losing streak. The winning goal was scored in the 49th minute by Tony Camernessi.

HK Dukla Ingema Michalovce – HK Spisska Nova Ves 4:2 (0:1, 1:1, 3:0)
Goals: 34. Frost (Cameranese, Pavlin), 44. Keranen (Reginda, Pavlin), 49. Cameranese (Suga), 58. Buk (Reginda) – 20. Rabach (Betgrave, Owlette Boudre), 32. Koro (Gekak) Strauch). Judges: Kalina, Korba – Orolin, Janeja, disqualification: 4:8 for 2 minutes, plus Mašlonka (Michalovce) 5 + DKZ for undermining, power-ups: 1:1, weakening: 1:0, no spectators

Michalovtsy: Vošvrda – Gajdoš, Pavlin, Macejko, Suja, Stripai, Luža – Mráz, Cameranesi, Regenda – Keränen, Galamboš, itný – Kukuča, Buc, Mašlonka – Bača, Hajnik, Lačný
facebook: Melchirk (44. Sorak) – Atwal, Petgrave, Romashak, Owlette-Podry, Malina, Ordzhovinsky, Chatrnich, Cezanek – Urko, Salituro, Gijak – Neminin, Koro, Rabach – Utrauch, Rautruch, Hammeruch, Utrauch, Router, Hammeruch.

The opening 20-minute race had a well-balanced hockey game with a minimum of loose opportunities. In the end, the home team paid the price for their indiscipline, as Rabach rushed in close when Mašlonka was eliminated. Spišiak was able to capitalize on their third numerical advantage in the regional derby, which they entered in order to extend their four-game winning streak. For a change, the inhabitants of Michalovci wanted to get out of the crisis of results and the crisis of the game.

In the 25th minute, he had the opportunity to equalize in the power game. However, they couldn’t manage it at all, and they couldn’t move into the opponent’s defense zone. Soon their numerical advantage was notorious, even by gamers. The sweepers showed them a recipe for scoring in the 32nd minute. Kuro brilliantly passed the defending player and did not hesitate to confront Vossford. Michalowice’s residents slashed it in less than two minutes after Mr. Merz sent the disc from the first under the top column of Melchirk’s mausoleum. In the 39th minute, urko and Giák didn’t take many chances.

In the 44th minute Salitoro traveled to the bench for the match with a high stick, Keränen had 11 seconds to equalize. Guest goalkeeper Miljerk was injured during the procedure and Surak was sent off. He did not keep his account clean for a long time, in the 49th minute Camernesi overtook him in a 2-1 break, and the home team led the match for the first time. In the end, Michalovci defeated the popular opponent for the third time in the season, thanks to which they jumped to fourth place in the incomplete table. In the 58th minute, brilliant play on the left side freed Regendu, of Regend, to dash through and score another goal for the visitors.

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Eastern derby of Kosice

Hockey players from the Kosice national team won in Thursday’s game the 47th round of the Tepos Extraliga in the derby over Prešov 3: 2. This season they beat this opponent for the second time and followed up with Tuesday’s victory over Michalovce 2: 1 pp.

HC Kosice – HC GROTTO Presov 3:2 (3:0, 0:1, 0:1)
Goals: 4. Sengirod (Slovakian), 12. Chuvan (Klovik, Pereskukov), 18. Slovakian (Bartanos, Snojirod) – 27. eh Nosh (Sacho, Jelicka), 44. Klima (Rosichka). Decision making: Valach, Goga – Yurchiak, Stashak Elimination: 6:4 for 2 minutes Strength-boosting: 1:0 Weakness: 0:0 No spectators.

Kosice: Košarišťan – Snuggerud, Saucerman, edivý, Romančík, Cibák, Deyl, Novota – McPherson, Slovák, Bartánus – Klhůfek, Chovan, Pereskokov – Mrázik, Linet, Rogo – Jokeľ, Havrila, Milý
Preshov: Bespalov – Ragnoha, Ťavoda, F. Fekiač, Růžika, Glazkov, Turan – A. Nauš, Čacho, Welychka – Michnáč, imun, Lialka – T. Nauš, Zagrapan, Lalík – ilka, V. Fekiač, Klíma – Miš

In the first period, hockey was not attractive, but the home team was satisfied. They took advantage of the opponent’s misfortune and their own misfortune and scored three goals. Firstly, Ťavoda’s Snuggerud took the penalty well enough to defeat the goalkeeper and boost the home team’s lead to 4 – 0 in the 4th minute. In the 12th minute, the home team performed an impressive set of excitement, at the end of which was Chovan, who with a perfect handle did not give Goalkeeper Bespalov the slightest chance. In the 18th minute, Ťavoda became an unfortunate player again, unfortunately running again into the goal after the Slovakian shot.

The residents of Prešov actively started the second period, and did much better. In the 27th minute, A. Nauš, who acho’s pass to him in the re-numbering 2 to 1, cut back, and the author put the goal well in the counter-movement of Košarystan. Čacho’s side could have increased their lead in the 34th minute but his shot hit the post after a beautiful pass midfield. Then A. Nosh despised another good opportunity. Then the hosts came, Chuvan and Kelhovik shot accurately, but Bespalov showed his quality.

At the beginning of the third half, MacPherson managed to increase again by three goals, but did not defeat Bisbal in the immediate vicinity. And so the penalty kick came, in the 44th minute, Klima passed through two defenders like a knife with butter, and also extended Kochareshan and reduced it to 2: 3. Sarri pushed the opponent, but defended defensively and finally defended the near victory.

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