October 23, 2021

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Stylist Sagan: I’m Not Afraid of Wet Roubaix – Cycling – Sports

Petr Sagan is waiting for his ninth participation in the famous Paris-Roubaix monument. Sunday will be special for him, as he will start the last races in the Bora-Hansgrohe team jersey, which he has ridden for five years.

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Peter Sagan celebrates victory in Paris – Roubaix 2018.

A one-time challenge, featuring 30 sections with large paving stones, the so-called pavé, 118 years ahead.

The weather forecast indicates a high chance of rain, which could have a significant impact on the race track. The Slovak champ, who won the iconic event with the title Hell of the North in 2018.

10. Yves Lambert (Bell/Disonic - Quick Step)...

9. Zdeněk Štybar (Deceuninck - Quick-Step) - 25: 1.

“I’ve never ridden a Roubaix in the rain before. During the 2014 Tour de France stage we did some dice sections when it was raining, but it can’t be compared to the whole race.

“I’m not afraid of wet weather and wind, but if it rains, it will make the track a special race,” Sagan said in an interview with Belgian agency Belga.

Until the victory in 2018, Sagan did not see a significant result on the iconic monument. In 2014, he was sixth, but over the next three years he ended up in the top ten every time.

He admitted that he had to do with the race mixed with love and hate. He explained that luck was often not on his side.

“If you’re lucky, the Roubaix is ​​a great race. But if you don’t, the track can be long and grueling. Take a look at the list of winners, there are a lot of them and just about everyone is different. Either they got lucky or they had the best legs on Day D Gillian continued.

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He knows very well that in Hell North, a cyclist can suffer from a number of problems that will affect the bottom line.

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“Thousands of things can happen during a race. At the wrong moment, you will fall short, fall or be late because someone has fallen in front of you. Such moments can easily affect the entire race for you.

You will lose time and energy in it, because you have to catch up with opponents. As a rule, you don’t have to be the best and you can win Roubaix.

Anyway, it’s a great race for the fans in front of the TV, I agree,” added Sagan, who will join France’s TotalEnergies after the season.

Sunday’s race starts at 10.30, with a finish expected at Roubaix at 17.15.