January 27, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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stop it now.  These habits slowly and inevitably destroy your computer

stop it now. These habits slowly and inevitably destroy your computer

We all want our computer to last as long as possible. However, nothing lasts forever – especially since technologies have a limited shelf life. If your computer expires sooner than it should, your bad habits are often to blame.

The biggest enemy of computers is heat. It can be said that he is his archenemy. If the computer gets too hot, it slows down because the processor stops running at high frequencies to cool down, keeping factory-set temperatures within limits.

In extreme cases, it may turn off completely, so the computer will stop working. After cooling, it can usually be turned back on again, but prolonged operation at high temperatures can shorten the life of the processor and fans, but also the battery.

Not to mention that your computer will be noisy due to the fans running at full speed and the body of your laptop, or in the case of a desktop cabinet, will get very hot.

1. Don’t let the computer choke

For desktop computers, the solution is very simple.

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