January 27, 2022

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SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Recenzia

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless (2022) – Game Mouse Review

Wireless gaming mouse with unique design.

SteelSeries provided us with another new piece from its portfolio to review. Excellent dimension myške SteelSeries Rival 3 and headphones Arctis 1 Wireless So we try a gaming mouse with a really unique design. SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless (2022 editionFully perforated, waterproof, ultra-light, wireless with RGB backlit.

cover design

In the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless box, I was intrigued by the many details that the manufacturer lists in an extensive list on the side. You will learn all the basics about the sensor, buttons, connections and battery life. Also what you will find in the package and the length of the cable. The box includes not only a 1.8m USB-C cable, but also a USB-C wireless receiver. For people who don’t have USB-C in their computer case, the manufacturer has packaged the reducer, but with the proviso that you’ll have to connect the entire cable to the computer, the reducer in it, and the receiver inside. Of course, we will also find better solutions in stores.

By the way, you’ll find the Aerox 3 on sale in both wired and wireless versions, as well as black (Onyx) and white (Snow). We just got the black version. Both have a bottom edge backlit with 16.5 million colors.

The SteelSeries Aerox 3 mouse is already under the sliding cover, at first glance the perforated top cover catches the eye, which raises many questions. However, we will answer these questions later, but it must be admitted that its design is unique. The interior of the mouse as well as the backlight can be seen through the holes. However, the manufacturer has used more beautiful materials and workmanship than you might find in another disassembled mouse. The designers thought they had to look through the holes somehow, and it looked really cool. I prefer not to test whether this “net” can withstand falling to the ground.

The manufacturer’s goal was to reduce the weight of the mouse as much as possible while maintaining strength. Thanks to the holes, it was possible to cut off up to 18 grams of weight, thanks to which the mouse weighing 68 grams could rank among the very light mice. These provide the least resistance when moving on the mat and ensure the fastest reactions in wrist movements. I still don’t understand how I can play at once with the Logitech G502 with a total weight of 139 grams. So I will compare Aerox 3 in the review but rather Logitech Pro X Superlitethat you recently reviewed.

More or less classic features, complemented by an upper sensor and superior durability

As for function keys, they are classic in the camp Steel Series. The left and right buttons are complemented by an ultra-quiet rubber wheel and a slightly protruding DPI switch in the center. There are two thumb buttons on the left side, making this mouse a convenient companion, especially for the right-handed. However, its body is completely symmetrical and has an overall width of 67 mm. It measures just over 120mm in length and 38mm at its highest point. It’s a bottom mouse for small to medium-sized hands, just 5mm shorter than the aforementioned Logitech Pro X Superlight.

Finally, there’s a USB-C connector on the front (instead of the used, but old Micro USB) to power the wireless battery and high charging speed. According to production, it should last for 200 hours in Bluetooth mode and 80 hours in 2.4GHz mode, compared to Logitech’s 70 hours.

SteelSeries has introduced a new wireless technology called Quantum 2.0 Wireless into the Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse. It promises higher transmission speeds, stability and energy savings at the same time. This standard operates at 2.4GHz, and is transmitted via the included USB-C receiver. The response for this connection is only 1 millisecond, so the polling rate is about 1000 Hz. For connectivity, you also have the standard Bluetooth 5.0 (with 8ms response) or the aforementioned 1.8m cable. You can switch between 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connections using the button on the bottom of the mouse, which also turns it off completely. By the way, the underside is also backlit and it almost looks like there are holes, but they are not. The holes are filled with white plastic.

On the underside we also find Teflon made of 100% PTFE plastic, i.e. no recycled materials. This ensures less friction on the carpet, and if the mouse weighs a few grams less, it will likely take off. However, if you compare the friction with the SteelSeries Rival 3, then the Rival slips a little better and the Aerox 3 “scratches” a little lower. This is because the Teflons on the Aerox are a bit harder and the corners aren’t a bit rounded, so it will take a few weeks for them to grind naturally. We already know the SteelSeries TrueMove Air sensor in the center of the mouse, which can copy 100% hand movement to the computer in a 1:1 ratio. It’s a sensor that you get used to pretty quickly after switching from a cheap mouse.

The sensor has a sensitivity of up to 18,000 CPI, can scan at 400 inches per second and detect acceleration of up to 40G. Not that anyone ever needed it. Golden Micro keys are water and dust resistant – but that’s right, there are holes in the mouse! So if you spill something on the mouse, nothing will happen to it. In addition, mechanical switches must withstand 80 million clicks, which is more than usual.

By the way, I noticed that the entire board inside the mouse is varnished. Not just the keys, but the entire mouse has been IP54 certified for water and dust resistance.

What does the program offer?

The SteelSeries Engine app will be used to control functionality again, and I’m glad the manufacturer isn’t changing what works. Here, too, you can create several custom profiles, set multiple sensitivity levels for the CPI button, or map buttons and macros.

As with other SteelSeries mice, you can set the polling rate, acceleration, or deceleration. However, you can set additional things for this mouse to save battery. For example, dimming the backlight or disabling the mouse after a certain time. There is also a high power saving mode, which, for example, turns off the backlight and reduces the poll to only 125 Hz, which is an effective response of 8 ms. There is also a setting in which the mouse goes out when moving and lights up again when the hand is dragged.

In the backlight settings, you can select classic modes such as rainbow, breathing or solid color for the three backlight zones. I appreciate that with my Rival 3 mouse, because I can set the SteelSeries logo to a different color and the edge of the mouse to a different color. There are loopholes instead of logos but the effect is similar.


The SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse will particularly confuse you with its original design. Neither the sensor nor the number of functions SteelSeries targets at the top of the gaming mouse ranks, nor to its own brand. However, in addition to the successful design, I also have to stress its weight, ultra-quiet wheel, great battery life, as well as key life, or fast charging via a newer USB-C connector. As this mouse is a punch in itself, it will surely satisfy the water resistance. However, the lightweight design and wireless network resulted in a much higher price tag. Fortunately, the cheapest is also available for sale, cable version.

SteelSeries EIROX 3 Wireless
109.99 EUR

  • Design

  • Features

  • Programming

  • price performance


The ultra-lightweight SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Mouse impresses with its design and also offers great water resistance and durability, but it won’t surprise you with its features.

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Lukas Kanek

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