November 28, 2021

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Starfield (and TES VI) will have full mod support and Fallout 76 has been played by 11 million players

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Todd Howard, President of Bethesda Game Studios, attended a Reddit AMA last night, answering fan questions, and thanks to his answers, we learned some interesting details about future games from this studio.


  • Howard confirmed that Starfield, and in fact the entire Creation 2 engine (on which The Elder Scrolls VI will be built), will have full support. Perhaps this is not surprising, because Bethesda games are very popular due to the novelty and the fact that Bethesda actively supports them.
  • The game’s release date (November 11, 2022) has been chosen to give the studio enough time to complete the game, and is confident that the game will be ready by then.
  • The game will have robotic companions. little bit.
  • At the beginning of the game, you can choose your character’s skills as well as the background of his story.
  • If you’re expecting a new look for the game later this year (The Game Awards), Howard himself blew us away. He revealed that Starfield’s next show will be next summer. Anytime E3 Deals.

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  • Howard revealed that the Skyrim Anniversary Edition will run at 4box and 60 fps on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. In the S Series, it will be 60 fps at a lower resolution.
  • We also received confirmation that The Elder Scrolls VI is still behind us. He even joked that his son sent him a message on Father’s Day asking, “Dad, where’s The Elder Scrolls VI?”

fallout 76

  • The feedback from players during the game wasn’t fun (understandably), but it helped teach the studio for the future.
  • The game has already been played by 11 million players.
  • Bethesda is preparing more mods and game mods for Fallout 76.


  • Howard had previously said that if Bethesde failed to obtain a license for the Fallout brand, it would create its own post-apocalyptic brand. Now revealed that her name will be the path of the end of the world.
  • Vault 120 was supposed to be in Fallout 4 in Bioshock style, but unfortunately it was eventually left out of the game.
  • The Fallout series is still in the works.
  • Howard loves Fallout: New Vegas and still has a lot of friends at Obsidian’s studio.
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Source: Reddit

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