January 29, 2022

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Stanislav Lobotka at SSC Naples reborn

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He took advantage of a change in his training position, “freeing up” space in his center, but he himself also put his hand on everything. Italian journalist Giuseppe Canetti has revealed to ŠPORT.sk, which may be hidden behind the increase in the form of Stanislav Lobotka at SSC Naples.

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Slovak football representative Stanislav Lobotka He is finally starting to build his place in the Italian club SSC NEAPOL, where many changes are played in karat. However, it was not only about the changes mentioned, because the pupil of AS Trenčín also contributed to everything with his share.

He is currently working on the pitch as a substitute, reminiscent of Lobotka who shone a few years ago at Celte Vigo, Spain. While he is in training genarum gatosum I entered matches intermittently, or almost never, after arriving Luciana Spalletihu To the Diego Armando Maradona stadium witnessing the renaissance of football.

In addition, Timoe Bakayoko returned to Chelsea in London after eight months of the visit, and German Diego Demme injured his right knee in a preparatory match. Lobotka immediately took advantage of the opportunity and in Naples so far there is only satisfaction with his performance.

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SSC Napoli Naples, lower right, on the edge, Stanislav Lobotka

Source: sscnapoli.it

Several conditions were beneficial, but he also helped himself

He also noted the birth of the representative of Slovakia Giuseppe Canetti, editor calcionapoli1926.it, a portal that operates under the address Gazzetta dello sport.

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“I think he’s a very exciting midfielder, although he hasn’t shown his full potential at Napoli yet. So far, he hasn’t had as much space as the player needs to be able to build his position at the club. Of course, he’s also responsible for playing very little or not at all in the past year. Sometimes it turned out to be completely formless, ”he looked around Lobotka Kanetti’s recent past.

He is also convinced that the 26-year-old midfielder has mainly benefited from the changes that have taken place at Napoli, and not just in his coaching position.

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Stanislav Lobotka, SSC Naples

Source: sscnapoli.it

“After such a small space, which he obtained under the guidance of coach Gatos, he improved mentally clearly after the arrival of Spalletti. The current Napoli coach immediately included him in his project that he wants to build in the SSC, regardless of Diego Dim’s injury”, It is believed that an Italian journalist specializes in the football club Napoli.

Canetti also believes that Lobotka also contributed to everything. The change was noticeable at a glance. Italian media wrote that the Slovak had lost up to six kilograms before the start of the new season. “Yes, that’s right. Lobotka lost weight thanks to a strict diet. The general psychological aspect is also very important in this regard. It seems that the Slovak footballer has found a good motivation to get back on the right track after a difficult period of his career ”, Canetti said to ŠPORT.sk.

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“Let’s hope he can maintain the form he’s showing now in the next cycle of the season, or he can take it to a higher level. There is also a great deal of confidence and will on the part of the coach to make Stano feel important in the team.” An Italian journalist explains, “Lobotka can also ‘benefit’ from Deme’s injury and the hole Bakayoko left after he left. He now has a great opportunity to shine. In my opinion, this is critical for the player who will be the reserve midfield driver and the team.”

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Stanislav Lobotka and Marek Hamsik

Source: TASR

Fans trust him. Also, thanks for Hamshik

Bud Vesuvius was also chairing on the recommendation of one of the club’s most prominent personalities in recent years – a citizen Marek Hamsik. According to Canetti, Lobotka will also be in favor of “i partenopei” fans. However, the successful start of the new season fills them with great optimism.

“Hamchik was and will be a wonderful symbol of Naples forever. There is a strong bond between the city and Mark. It was something unique and not repeated for everyone,” Explains Canetti, a native of Naples.

“As far as Orchard is concerned, especially from the point of view that Marek recommended to Naples, he will always sympathize with the fans of the club. Even though he was the ‘little guy with extra weight’ for them,” he laughed.Jokes aside, now that Lobotka is in good shape, optimism has grown in Naples over his “rebirth”. After all, he is a player for whom Napoli have paid big millions. Undoubtedly worth it. Now he just has to confirm it on the field.”

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Stefan Tarkovic.

Source: TASR

Tarkovic: I say the same thing as before the Euro

The growth in the level of Stanislav Lobotka in Naples was also welcomed by the head coach of the Slovak national football team Stefan Tarkovic, who considers the improvement of the club’s position around his team a positive report ahead of the qualifying matches in September in the fight for promotion to the World Cup. in Qatar 2022.

“A new coach came in, Bagayoko left, and Demeh, a player who was a direct competitor in his position, got injured. I looked at his last three matches while he was playing and I say the same thing I said before the European Championships that Stano Lobotka is a player Slovakia does not have an exemplary position in this position. I’m glad he got down to earth. play Napoli (With Venice, 2: 0, note ed.) A very difficult match. The development was at their expense and in the end they managed to achieve it victoriously. “I think Stano did very well,” Tarkovic said at a news conference on Tuesday.

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