November 30, 2021

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Squid Game – 6 interesting facts about the most watched series on Netflix

Two years ago it was the movie Parasite and now it’s the Squid Game series. South Korean films and series are produced online. Here are 6 interesting facts about the most watched series on Netflix.

Poverty, indebtedness, gender inequality, or the search for money. These are not exactly the topics you would imagine when you say Republic of Korea. The Squid Game series has taken these themes and put them in a game world that revolves around life. The Squid Game phenomenon is currently moving all forums, social networks or discussions. Here are 6 interesting facts about the Squid game.

Sweet carving as a global phenomenon

One of the games that the contestants must undergo is to sculpt a shape from a sugar mold with a needle. This activity has become a global phenomenon, and people all over the world share on social networks how they compete in who succeeds. The recipe for the so-called dalgona dessert, as the desserts are officially called, can also be found in the content of many chefs and food bloggers.

Netflix has started selling its Squid Game Merchandise products

This year’s Halloween will likely be marked by Squid costumes. Whether it’s numbered costumes or red outfits with masks, it’s possible to purchase different types of clothing inspired by the series through Amazon. Netflix also has not been idle and He came up with his own clothes with the idea of ​​the series. There is no possibility to choose your own number.

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The Squid game series has sparked a growing interest in learning Korean

Cultural diplomacy in practice. The huge popularity of the series has caused a number of people to become more interested in Korean culture and language. For example, a language learning app, Duolingo, said there was an increase of up to 76% in two weeks of users registering to learn Korean in the UK alone.

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Korea won the second most searched currency on Google

The Korean won has become the second most popular search currency on Google after the dollar. Specifically, people were looking for the winning amount in the game, which is KRW 45.6 billion in the local currency. When converting to €, the win was over €33 million.

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The script was written over 10 years ago

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk wrote the script in 2008. It was originally meant to be a movie called The Sixth Round and was meant to be an allegory for modern capitalist society. But at that time, the script was not well received by Korean companies, who considered it too unrealistic and violent. While writing the script, the director himself was in debt.

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Most Watched Netflix Series

The Squid game series premiered on September 17 and was watched by 111 million subscribers in less than a month. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve seen it all. According to Netflix’s benchmarking methodology, the series should be watched for at least two minutes, so even those who turned it off due to brutality, for example, are included in the final figure. The team outperformed the Bridgeton series, which was watched by “only” 82 million subscribers. Squid is also number 1 in the top ten list in 94 countries around the world.