January 21, 2022

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Sports can’t be done as a low-cost project, says director of new TV company Sport

On December 20, RTVS launched its fourth sports television circuit. Matej Hadjko, Director of the Sports Department, talks about his priorities and what he will present to the public.

When was the sports station finally determined?

The final decision was made six weeks before launch. As you know, we have been planning to launch this sport for a long time and have had all operations ready to a certain level. We were looking for the most appropriate term that made sense to the audience, and had enough time to restart dead processes.

Is it possible to make content for a complete sports station in six weeks?

In such a short time it can’t be prepared in any way, but we’ve already worked to that extent and volume on the remaining three stations when we integrate content into sports and add content that we are ready for Christmas, they can be managed. This was also the impetus for the pre-Christmas holidays, during which, in addition, the four-week holidays are spread out, giving plenty of space for starting any stop, and not just sports. In addition to live sports, we also have space to duplicate content and broadcast exclusives that are not yet available.

In addition to sporting events, the new station will also feature shows to promote a healthy lifestyle. Who will prepare them?

People from the sports department. Sports is set up as a separate department that can operate independently. We’ve been building it for three years and currently have five unions. The target of the Šport program service is Marcel Merčiak, the head of sports broadcasting is Paľo Gašpar, Matúš Krutý is the head of sports news and Gabriel Tóth has the production and production of sports under his thumb. And of course, there’s also a separate sports radio department running it.

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