January 29, 2022

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SpaceX will begin its journey on special “tourist” space missions in a few days. The Inspiration4 mission has been given the go-ahead!

US private space company SpaceX In front of him is another historical landmark. It should start within a week The first special mission to Earth orbit with an entire “amateur” crew. Thus, SpaceX will be included in the list of companies that have officially launched “tourist” flights into space, which, however, can currently only be provided by “real” wealthy people.

The first mission without a professional astronaut

Bear Inspiration 4 To send the first four people to pay for Earth’s orbit on a spacecraft Dragon Crew. In this case, the American paid the entire cost of the trip to space Billionaire Jared Askman. In this case, a specially modified Crew Dragon capsule with a transparent cover will be brought into space by a rocket Falcon 9.

Inspiration4 Messia SpaceX Dragon Crew
Source: Inspiration4

The Dragon Crew spaceship has Spend about 3 days in Earth’s orbit, where the crew will get unprecedented views of our planet. After a few days in space, a special capsule for the human crew will return to Earth’s surface in the traditional way – by affecting the ocean. The capsule will be reconstructed with the Falcon 9 rocket after the successful completion of the mission, so that it can be used for other missions. In this case, SpaceX will use the capsule already in use with the poster steadfastness, which was used in the first transfer of astronauts to the International Space Station in November 2020. The Falcon 9 rocket has also been put into operation. It has already made two launches and later returned to Earth’s surface.

Only the weather can stop the beginning

Although this was the first purely tourist mission without a professional astronaut on board, the crew had to undergo partial training, and its successful completion was crucial to launching the potential mission. Nevertheless, the amateur crew successfully managed all the necessary exercises, as the expedition received the official green light on September 3, the foreign portal reported. Space.com. For now, the only weather variable that can delay the final start of the Inspiration4 mission is still there. The mission must begin Early September 15 from the Kennedy Space Center With the possibility of transfer to September 16 in case of unsatisfactory weather conditions. However, we do not yet know when the missile will launch, as the official time window for the start of the mission will be published 3 days before departure.

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