January 28, 2022

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Sony’s new first-party studio has taken over the reboot of Twisted Metal


This week we share with you VGC Resources, A planned reboot of the Twisted Metal series is no longer in development at studio Lucid Games (Destruction All Stars), with Sony pulling the project to move it to a first-party studio located in Europe. At the same time, we predicted what the studio would most likely be and it looks like we’ve hit the target.

VGC reports that the project has been handed over to Sony’s new first-party studio, Firespite, based in the English city of Liverpool. Sony announced its acquisition of this studio in September 2021, and in the meantime has introduced itself to the world as the creators of the upcoming PSVR2 spin-off series Horizon Call of the Mountain.

We don’t yet know why Sony decided to move this project to this studio, but it’s worth noting that the studios are about 15 minutes apart geographically and that several developers who previously worked at Lucid Games have already announced their move to Firespite. Especially Matt Southern, who has been involved with Motorstorm and DriveClub games in the past.

According to VGC, the game is still slated to release alongside the upcoming TV series Twisted Metal.

Source: VGC

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