October 23, 2021

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Some Slovaks are facing new challenges in the NHL, and the season likely won’t start until ten years

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The day before the start of the new NHL season, ten Slovak hockey players appeared on the club’s rosters. However, that probably won’t be the final figure, as Anaheim Ducks management is expected to send Roman Dorno to the farm for the AHL before the start of the goalkeeper’s core part.

They must have a certain place in the list Yaroslav Halak (Vancouver), Eric Cernack (Tampa Bay), Andrei Skira (Dallas), Zdeno Chara (New York Islanders), Martin Ferrary (Washington) a trojica z New Jersey Christian Jarosch, Marian Studenic and Tomas Tatar. The striker’s future is uncertain Richard Bannick In the first team of New York Islanders after “Islanders” put him on the exemption list, no one took him off.

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Thirty-six-year-old Hallack changed clubs after three years in Boston and, as a free agent, signed up for Vancouver for a year, where he must cover the back of Thacher Demick, 11 years younger, as the second goalkeeper. However, it is not excluded that if he performs well, Halák will also have more space between the clutches of an ambitious team that wants to return to the playoffs after a one-year hiatus.

It is likely that in the next season, the second Slovak goalkeeper will also appear in the profile, at least for a short time. Adam Huska, 24, will start at NY Rangers Farm in Hartford, where he must share goal area time with Keith Kinkaid. There is a third or fourth guard in the hierarchy of the “riders”, in the first team, Rangers can get a chance if one of them is injured Igor Sestorkin – Alexander Georgiev during the season.

In a better position is 23-year-old Roman Dorney, who remained on the Anaheim Ducks cadre until the end of prep. If nothing unpredictable happens, the overall “ducks” should start with goalkeeper alongside John Gibson – Anthony Stollars and Dorney should travel to the San Diego Gulls (AHL) farm team.

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However, the young Slovak appears to have won the long-distance duel with Czech Lukáš Dostál, and if the ducks need help in the goal area at a later stage, Dorny should be called in first. He, like Húska, is still waiting for the NHL premiere.

The new year will also start with five Slovak defenders. An integral part of Tampa Bay’s defense is 24-year-old Eric Cernak, who has been in both of Lightning’s championship wins in the past two seasons. He’s a stable support on the defensive team, mostly in the second defensive duo with Ryan McDonagh. Andre Sekera will cover his third season in Dallas, where he must start in the third defensive pair. Sekera with Černák and Halák already have a certain place in the crew of the Slovak national team at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing.

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The eyes of the hockey community will be on veteran Zden Chara, who has decided not to continue in Washington and, as a free agent, has agreed to a one-year contract with the New Yorkers. He returned to the club he drafted in 1996 which began his rich jersey career. Before that, the last time he wore the “People of the Island” shirt was in 2000/2001.

“It was my first team, my first experience with the NHL. We were going through tough times at the time, but I learned a lot from it.” He said 44 years after signing the contract badgeWho will be the oldest and tallest man among the active players in the NHL? The Boston Stanley Cup winner (2011) and Norris Cup holder from 2010/11 will begin his twenty-fourth season in profile.

The islanders at the top dare: “The circle is basically closed. Who would have thought this would happen in about 20 years? There is a very good group with strong leadership and key players who have been part of the islanders for a long time. It is a very well organized team.” On the New York team, Shar is expected to be a teacher to young players, especially the talented Noah Dobson.

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The attitude of 22-year-old Martin Ferrary is also comforting. He didn’t stand a chance in Washington during the 2020/2021 pandemic shortened season, but does have a practically designated spot in the Capitals first team ahead of the upcoming team. He was helped by the departure of Chara and another Brenden Dillon, the inclusion of Michel Kempney on the exemption list, but also a good performance in the preparatory period, when he was not slowed down even by a minor hand injury after being shot. demon. In the opening game against the New York Rangers, he could even start his first defensive duo with superstar John Carlos, and he played with the American in prep and trained together for Sunday’s training session.

Slovak hockey in New Jersey will have the largest representation. In the summer, his compatriots Yaros and Tatar joined Stodenic, who made his debut in the Devils jersey last season. After three years in Montreal, the 30-year-old Tatar agreed to a two-year contract with New Jersey as a free agent. With an average salary of $4.5 million, he would be the best-earning Slovakian player in the NHL. The Devils expect a goal from him, and rely on him to play the force, at the end of the preparations he played in the third attack with Andreas Johnson and Dawson Mercer.

“I think the future of the Devils looks fantastic. There are so many great young talents in the squad, and in addition to the defense they have won Doji Hamilton, one of the best defenders in the league in recent years. The club is clearly showing what they want to do and the direction they want to go. I am happy. Because I got them into the concept,” He said Tatar At a press conference shortly after the contract was signed.

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In the 22-year-old Stodenic, the “Devils” appreciate his speed, but he still has to confirm his position in the team. Jaroš also has a two-way contract, which the Devils acquired in exchange for San Jose. The 25-year-old defender is currently injured by Damon Severson and T. Smith, who did not train at the weekend, and Jarosh played in a third double with Colton White.

Other young Slovaks also appeared in the camps, who meanwhile went to the farms, where they will wait for a possible invitation to the first team. Adam Ružička will want to follow his last three-time NHL season, who, like compatriot Martin Pospichel, will start the season in the AHL Stockton Heat team. Maxim Tchaikovsky will start the year at the Tampa Bay Syracuse Crunch Ranch, as will Martin Krumiak, who recently signed a contract with the Los Angeles Kings, who currently plays for Junior OHL at Kingston Frontenacks.

Matty Kashlik, who showed up at the Colorado Avalanche camp, and Jacob Demick, the hopeful Vegas Golden Knights, have even less chance of getting invited to the Profilega. Both will try to attract and win junior contracts in the junior leagues.

List of Slovaks on NHL club lists (as of October 11)

Anaheim Ducks – Roman Dorney (b) *

Dallas Stars – Andre Sekera (o)

New Jersey Devils – Tomas Tatar (ú), Marian Studenic (ú) *, Christian Jarros (x) *

New York Islanders – Zdeno Chára (o) and Richard Pánik (ú)

Tampa Bay Lightning – Eric Cernak (OR)

Vancouver Canucks – Jaroslav Halack (B)

Washington Capitals – Martin Wehrvari (Q) *

* – Two-way contract

Marc-Andre Fleury performed a famous procedure during training: