January 21, 2022

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Some of the rules for exporting goods from the EU to Britain are changing again

Some of the rules for exporting goods from the EU to Britain are changing again

London, 12 December (DASR) – One year after the end of Brexit, some rules for exporting goods from the European Union (EU) to the UK have been changed again.

The British government has so far granted a one-sided interim period for imports from the EU, which has been extended several times. Post-Brexit trade problems are further complicated by the epidemic. However, some exceptions will eventually end at the beginning of the year, and some will end in the middle of 2022. This means that studies will begin on the British side as well.

Experts warn that many companies are not ready for that. The changes will have practical consequences, the German Trade and Investment Agency (GTAI) has stressed, for example, with higher requirements for food imports from the EU coming into effect from 1 January. Imports must be notified in advance by electronic application. Any import of animal or animal products will require a health certificate.

“It is questionable whether exporting to the UK will benefit many more, especially small businesses, or whether the costs will be too high.” GTAI reported.

Most companies have already adapted to the new tariff rules on trade between the UK and the EU. The EU has been restricting imports from the UK since January, but can no longer take advantage of simplified imports from the EU to the UK.

“German exporters need to reconcile their processes with their UK customers and transport companies.” GDAI customs expert Stephanie Isova said. “It’s expensive and can cause supply problems, at least temporarily.”

From January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom withdrew from the Customs Union and exited the EU Single Market. Although the trade agreement was finalized at the last minute, there have been tariffs and other sanctions on trade between Britain and the EU since then, leading to a sharp decline in trade.

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