March 7, 2021

‘Soft Soul’ Road Safety Officer Allen ‘Kidnapped’ | UK News

Road Safety Officer Allen was “abducted” from his post and residents of Bremer appeal to him to return.

Menequin has been parked on the A93 in Aberdeenshire for two months as a reminder that drivers are slowing down to 30 miles per hour in the village.

Aboine, Upper Desight and Danside Councilor Keva Blackett said Allen last disappeared at 1.30pm on Saturday “not of his own free will”.

In a Facebook post, he wrote: “Allen was proud to remind people running on the A93 from Glenshiwe to Primer that they were in the 30mph speed range.

“Children, old folks and red squirrels are all in danger of being forgotten by the people.

“Someone took him away!

“Did you see Allen?

“Whoever kidnapped him, please return him – he was last seen today (Saturday) at 1.30pm. He was a gentle soul, never hurt anyone, much loved here in Bremer.”

Ms Blacket said she initially asked a local police inspector if she could put a cut-out police officer on the side of the road to warn crackers.

But nothing else, so Allen was drafted.

There is no substitute for Allen being unplanned.

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