January 27, 2022

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Social Entrepreneur Mako: Social economy hope to increase Slovak GDP, effective government support is lacking |  Interviews .week

Social Entrepreneur Mako: Social economy hope to increase Slovak GDP, effective government support is lacking | Interviews .week

In the interview you can also read:

  • Why, according to Maca, the state coughs up social institutions,
  • As this type of business is essential for Slovakia,
  • How does the social economy respond to the emergence of new technologies,
  • Why is social entrepreneurship in Slovakia in deep crisis?

Your laundry has received many international awards for the development of the social economy. What is the state of the Slovak social economy in the second year of the epidemic?

In an extraordinary crisis, especially with regard to the retention of our regular customers. We lost our hotels, but we have to keep paying the loans. We have everything on credit – cars and technology. In the previous period of the first and second waves of the epidemic, we tried to enter into a discussion with the ministry as an association of social economy entities and talk about proposals that would help social institutions. Unnecessarily. I do not think that we are among the priorities of the Ministry of Labor. This is despite the fact that today the social economy employs more than 4,000 people in Slovakia. At the same time, they are not people who find work from day to day, and they do not have the mental or physical prerequisites for finding work elsewhere. These are mainly people with disabilities or people with low education, who live in poor life conditions, such as women after maternity leave or people who have been released from prison.

These are the most dangerous categories. It seems that their employment is currently not one of the state’s top priorities. That is the reason for their return to the social system, where they live depending on the social support of the state. On the other hand, we have a socioeconomic system that prevents a large group of people from falling into the abyss of poverty and social dependence. Socioeconomics is a network that helps people not to find themselves in employment offices and also disabled people to manage their poor health more easily through work, socialization and meaning of life. The state must realize more strongly, thanks to social economy, that these people create value for the state at the local level, increase GDP and do not constitute an economic burden on society. By introducing social economy, the state has created a very good tool for reducing intergenerational poverty. Slovakia has shown itself to be a country of the twenty-first century and we must continue to restore a simple and effective system to support the creation of meaningful jobs.

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Evan Mack ArchiveVisit of President Susanna Shaputova to the WASCO Social Foundation.

What are we supposed to imagine in the context of social economy?

Social economics has two basic aspects. One is classic – entrepreneurship, adapting to the normal business environment, so you need to be able to compete with companies whose employees have disabilities in order to function normally as a normal company. But it is very difficult for your employees to get into the standard operating process in terms of health or low qualifications, or they are people who do not have any work experience. It’s more difficult. The entrepreneur takes a loan, takes a risk, but the social entrepreneur also takes a risk and suffers much harsher consequences. Social Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship is nothing like it in an ordinary company. It is a collective action of many people involved, and the statute bears only its negative consequences, and bears all responsibility for such actions. The advantage is that these jobs are partially subsidized, amounting to an average of 50% of the employee’s salary.

This is a good incentive.

its enough. If you want to start a traditional business, you take out a loan, for example, you have deferred money, you go to it alone or with your family, then nothing binds you and does not oblige you. But with a social enterprise, you have certain conditions that you must meet. No bank will give you a loan just because you are a social enterprise. First of all you need some stability as an entrepreneur, the banks are checking if you are at all a credible company with turnover etc. However, in the early days of social entrepreneurship, it was very difficult. At the same time, the state and the European Union provide investment assistance to social enterprises, and several million euros are earmarked for this. But the terms and processes for obtaining those funds are not clear. Therefore, only about ten Slovak social institutions out of 400 receive this assistance.

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What other government incentives do you get besides getting half your salary back?

Other possible support mechanisms are mentioned in the law. For example, if you employ a disabled person, you can get a job creation allowance of about 2,500 euros, but this technology only needs to be associated with that particular person. This, of course, is unrealistic in practice. If we have some equipment in operation, it can only serve one person when it is part of the production process. Therefore, this money is not used at all. We’re afraid, because if a government audit takes hold, they can impersonate me.

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