January 21, 2022

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Smaller operators think they won't get attractive TV with the Champions League.  Presumably due to bad conditions

Smaller operators think they won’t get attractive TV with the Champions League. Presumably due to bad conditions

So far, only two providers have channels on display. No new agreements are emerging.

Nova Sport broadcaster’s effort is not to reach as many viewers as possible Came at the beginning of the stations Nova Sport 3 and 4. This means young players who are in contact with our editorial team.

Televisions broadcast attractive football competitions in the German Bundesliga, La Liga, the First Division and the Champions League. For the past three years, the Champions League has been on Orange Sport . channels I’ve already stopped broadcasting. She was exclusive to the Orange Show. Telekom’s Digi Sporty, which Broadcast the remaining competitions.

“Negotiations with the operators are still ongoing. Our goal is to provide access to this exclusive content to the largest possible audience.” specified by the broadcaster At the beginning of August in the opinion of Živé.sk.

However, our editorial team has been contacted by several small and medium TV providers, who claim Nova Sport offers. According to them, Nova Sport does not want to agree with other players in the market and expects them to remain on offer only for the big players.

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Only a couple of players have channels with attractive leagues.

Source: UEFA

What is the situation now?

Telekom distributes the mentioned stations within its TV platforms. were available under Maggio TVAnd Maggio Sat a maggio jo. In addition, it is published by Digi Slovakia’s sister platform in the Services Digi . TVAnd Digi cable a Digi Go.

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To IPTV and Cable TV service Orange TV They were also added by Orange. No other carrier has it on offer, and no one has noticed an early addition yet. benefit Several service providers appeared at startup.

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What might be behind it

Živé.sk’s editorial team spoke to several smaller and medium-sized operators who unanimously claim that Nova Sport offers and certainly does not want to “launch” attractive competitions freely for the entire market.

“We got unacceptable terms. And when I say unacceptable, I mean they asked us for an annual fee that almost matches the annual budget for the entire TV service, including platform and station fees,” says one.

Another player told us that Nova Sport asked for a flat annual fee of hundreds of thousands of euros. He also stated that he could not accept such an offer in any way. The financial requirements for each operator vary.

Many TV providers believe that the offer of small operators is only official, so that Nova Sport is not threatened by disputes over antitrust measures. The show was presented by TV to all interested, but rating the stations is not financially viable under any circumstances.

“When discussing with others (operators, editor’s note), everyone says the same thing – they don’t want to bring these channels to market and the goal is the current state of Telekom, Orange and possibly Skylink to call” a medium-sized operator says one representative. He also did not want to be named.

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It was also confirmed by another worker who was interested in the listing. He believes that “TV Nova is offering operators the inclusion of these channels under unacceptable conditions, which seems to be their intent that no one wants them except for the selected operators.”

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Operators believe Nova Sport does not want to agree with everyone.

Zdroj: Nova TV

Nova Sport: We will not comment on other people’s opinions

If the station operator is interested in being included in the bids of all operators, it can be estimated that he will seek quick agreements with several providers from the start – investing in TV rights in millions of euros.

Nova Sport has also written to us for comment. He did not comment on the allegations of disproportionate financial requirements.

“We cannot share details from ongoing or closed negotiations or comment on other parties’ views on these negotiations,” Nova Nemek spokesman Jan Nomyk said.

However, the TV representative again indicated that he was negotiating with other Slovak operators to offer this content to “as many viewers as possible”.

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