December 9, 2021

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Small apartment transformation revealed original flaws and hid annoying elements

Initially, the apartment was distinguished by the sediment of the years and the taste of its inhabitants. A high-quality project by interior designer Susanna Coates has turned it into an unrecognizable project. She designed the apartment so that “its spatial character corresponds to the personality of the person who lives in it and at the same time respects and supports a stable, conscious and present state of mind”.

The author of Inner Transformation identified two primary tasks as the main means of achieving the goal. First of all, it was necessary to reveal the flaws hidden under the sediments of the years, which gave the apartment a special character and returned its uniqueness. second moment
It was – on the contrary – to hide what drains space and spoils the flow of positive energy.

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The original walls were a problem, and eventually the stone became the dominant feature of the apartment

Uneven walls and exposed construction

The uneven walls that arose over time were cleaned and became the main distinguishing feature of the entire apartment. Its interesting structure and “wisdom gained over time” are the main decorative elements of the apartment. It also stands out due to the fact that the space is dominated by white color and simple shapes.

Thanks to the folding table, there will be a dining area for 4-5 people. Zdroj: Susanna’s Cradle Interior Design

The white explosion diffuses the light and expands the space

Since the apartment was not large, the designer was looking for a solution to double the light and visually expand the space of the apartment. It succeeded thanks to the maximum use of eggs. Practically everything in the apartment
White – except for cleaned walls, floors, metal and wood details. At the same time, the white color acts as a “blank canvas that supports the owner’s creativity.”

Functional block in white in the middle of a small apartment

The apartment design is functionally divided by a white inserted block. Zedd: Susanna’s Cradle Interior Design

Folding table, comfortable working space

The design of the apartment is functionally divided by a terraced block. Other than that in white. Hides sanitary facilities and technical issues. In the central volume there is a kitchen with a bar counter and a sofa as a symbol of the living and relaxation room.

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The perfect solution for small apartments? Multifunctional cube in space

Thanks to the folding table, there will be a dining area for 4-5 people. Best of all, it can disappear very quickly and reappear if necessary – just flip it over or put it back in its original position, where it fits in the built-in storage space.

The original walls in the apartment

The original walls are the main decorative elements of the apartment. Zedd: Susanna’s Cradle Interior Design

Bed with storage and elegant study

Since there is not enough storage space in the smaller apartments, Susanna Cots has placed a bed in the bedroom with a headboard that has the function of storage space. Thanks to such useful solutions, nothing hinders the flow of local ideas, everything has its fixed place and the purity of space also stimulates creativity. Behind the exposed wall is a wooden desk with shelves and a small window (perhaps there was a pantry or bathroom). Even this small study is designed not to be disruptive, but inspiring.

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minimalist flat capsule

Architectural studio: Susanna Family Interior Design

Author: Susanna Coates

Place: Barcelona

Realization: 2021

Blocha: 50 m2

Sabina Zavarska

Zdroj a foto: Susanna Cots Interior Design