November 30, 2021

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Slovan does not give up before the main battle with PAOK Thessaloniki: The Godfather has sent an open letter to the government!

Slovan does not give up before the main battle with PAOK Thessaloniki: The Godfather has sent an open letter to the government!

ŠK Slovan Bratislava General Manager Ivan Kmotrík Jr. Source: TASR / Pavol Zachar

BRATISLAVA – The management of ŠK Slovan Bratislava football club sent an open letter to competent persons on Friday regarding the significant reduction in the number of spectators at group sporting events. The general manager of the club, Ivan Kmotrick ml. In it he requested a change in the Covid vending machine, specifically measures related to mass events.

According to the changes to the COVID vending machine announced by the government of the Slovak Republic on Thursday, only 200 spectators can attend the mass event in the red zone in OP (vaccinations and overcoming) mode.

The Slavic administration sent an open letter to Prime Minister Eduard Heger, Speaker of the National Assembly Boris Kolar, Deputy Prime Minister Stefan Holly, Richard Solek, Igor Matovic, Deputy Prime Minister Veronika Remisova, Chief Hygiene Officer of the Slovak Republic Jan Mikas, Minister of Health Vladimir Lengvar, Research and Sports in the Slovak Republic Branislav Grohling, Chairman of the Slovak Republic National Council Committee on Education, Science, Youth and Sports Richard Vaszek. The club also sent a request for help to SFZ President Jan Kovacic and LK President Ivan Kozak.

We present the open letter of ŠK Slovan Bratislava in full text without editorial changes:

Dear Mr. Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic,

We contact you with a request to change the Covid vending machine approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic on November 18, 2021, and specific measures related to mass events.

We understand and understand the gravity of the situation with the spread of Covid-19 in Slovakia and we appreciate all those who are fighting this disease in the first place.

ŠK Slovan Bratislava has always been at the forefront of this topic, proposing safe solutions for the possibility of spectator participation in the stadium, often adhering to procedures outside their prescribed framework.

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A decade to qualify for the round of 16

We all regret that less than a week ago perhaps the most important game of the decade, in which we represent not only Bratislava but also the whole of Slovakia at the highest international level for the club, the maximum capacity allowed in the red zone. 200 spectators were approved. For the first time in the last 15 years, the Slovak football club had a real chance to advance from the group stage of the European Cup among the top 16 teams of the UEFA Conference League. In such an important match, our players lose the support of the fans and the legitimate advantage of the homeland environment that this competition guarantees us. It is a severe blow not only to the club, but also to the players, all the fans and the football public, with huge economic consequences not only now and in the future. We do not understand the rationale or by what formula the maximum capacity of 200 spectators was calculated, for example in our stadium with a capacity of 22,500 spectators. We believed that the system solution would still apply taking into account a percentage of the total stadium capacity, not an absolute single fixed number for any stadium or event. This solution included the Covid slot machine, which was previously in force. We are disappointed that we are not moved forward by an unsystematic decision, but rather backward.

“The vaccine is freedom” or how is it done in Slovakia?

Bratislava has the highest vaccination rate in Slovakia. Not only the people of Bratislava, but all of Slovakia, were motivated by the motto “vaccine is freedom” during the campaign, and were right to believe that in addition to protecting their health, they would also experience the said freedom associated with a return to normal. life. The new measures of mass events completely negate the entire “vaccine is freedom” campaign and we will say that it will have a significant negative impact not only on football fans, young athletes, sports fans, their families, friends and comrades, but also on another wide audience. These measures may lead to greater resentment and greater reluctance for the people of Slovakia to get vaccinated.

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Research confirms that playgrounds are safe

We are convinced, and even consistent data indicates that football stadiums do not pose a risk of spreading Covid-19. A Danish SAFE study on a sample of 170 matches from April to May 2021, which was attended by a total of 266,259 fans, revealed only 60 positive cases of this total, which equates to a prevalence of 0.02%. The results clearly show that it is safe to participate in a football match outdoors and on an open field.

Capacity 100% in neighboring countries and others

The epidemiological situation is deteriorating throughout Europe and the world. However, even in the immediate neighboring countries, they approach mass events completely differently and allow pollinators to fill one hundred percent of the capacity of the stadium. This approach was followed, for example, in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, the USA, Canada and other countries.

Proposed alternative solutions New procedures in effect from next Monday allow 200 spectators to visit the OP’s system, they can all be in one sector, sit next to each other and enter and exit at a single turnstile. Based on the above, in addition to the consistent data from the Danish study and developments in neighboring countries and others, we propose the following three alternative solutions:

Alternative 1: The same model as in neighboring countries

A sample application from the surrounding countries above, where vaccinated fans can fill one hundred percent of the stadium capacity.

Alternative 2: Two hundred spectators per sector

The Tehelné pole contains 58 separate sectors. Therefore, as a second alternative, we propose a maximum capacity of one sector per 200 spectators, which would represent the permissible capacity in OP mode of 11,660 spectators.

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Alternative 3: One hundred spectators per sector

The Tehelné pole contains 58 separate sectors. Therefore, as a third alternative, we propose a maximum capacity of one sector per 100 spectators, which would represent the permissible capacity in OP mode of 5800 spectators.

Please note that the stadium has 70 separate entrances and exits gated, which in the first variant represents 166 people per turnstile, and in the second variant 83 people per turnstile. Either way, there are fewer people per entry and exit than there are at 200 spectators, says a modified Covid slot machine.

We are convinced and believe that the above arguments, facts, data and our proposed solutions will take you to the fastest possible decision and change the procedures for mass events in the new Covid vending machine, so that we can ensure the organization of the next very important football match ŠK Slovan Bratislava – PAOK FC, which will take place on November 25 At 6:45 pm at the Tehelné pole in Bratislava.

Sincerely, Ivan Kmotrik Jr., General Manager of ŠK Slovan Bratislava

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