December 2, 2021

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Reflect Festival

Slovaks organized the largest technology festival in Cyprus. The future of healthcare or data security has been discussed

Lovers of technology and progress met for the fourth time on the island of Cyprus. The organizers of the State Reflection Festival deliberately chose. They have created a platform that is equally accessible to people from Central Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The fact that this is the largest event of its kind in the region also testifies to its success.

Meetings in physical form

The epidemiological situation allowed the organizers to physically organize the festival, for which visitors also expressed gratitude.

Last year we organized an online reflection festival for epidemiological reasons, but we are still receiving comments from participants and speakers to keep the event in physical form for the future, as meeting and sharing experiences is an integral part of our festival,said one of the founders of the festival, Dushan Duvk.

Duffek works in Bratislava and is also a co-founder 0100 adventures, the company you belong to cork campus, one of the largest brands of teamwork in Slovakia or Zero Gravity Capital, a venture capital investment fund.

Despite the situation in a world still suffering from coronavirus disease, the organizing team was able to create a safe place where visitors can fully enjoy the program. The entire festival was running in OTP mode, so participants had to be vaccinated, tested or beaten.

To ensure participant conversion, we decided to organize Reflect in 3 locations in the center of Limassol, two of which are outdoors. So we distributed more than 3000 participants in several places and avoided crowded placesAndThey approached how to reduce the risk.

Source: Reflection Festival

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The biggest festival in Cyprus

In preparation for the festival, they also cooperated with the Slovak Embassy, ​​which became a strategic partner. Additionally, the organizers estimate that none of the partners has ever turned their back on them, which is why this year was the biggest festival Cyprus has ever seen.

We start with the organization about 8 months before the event, then 4 months before the event we start full speedAndDuffek explained how much time he invested in the organization. The result was a celebration with VIP guests filled with unforgettable moments.

He himself considers that the highlight of the program is an interview with Brian Johnson, who has an incredible business story, or the stage of financial technology, which was attended by many Slovak entrepreneurs, or the end of the festival by boat,Describe what was the golden nail for the program.

Source: Reflection Festival

Among visitors, topics such as data security, the future of healthcare, and trends in venture capital investing resonated the most.

Contacts all over the world

The goal of the organizers was to connect with markets outside Central Europe, so they chose the island of Cyprus as a place.

The emerging markets of Southern Europe, Middle East and North Africa have always been very promising for us. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to expand our business in Cyprus, we did not hesitate and co-founded Reflection Festival as a platform that will connect business opportunities between Europe and the regions already mentioned,Describe.

Source: Reflection Festival

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Exceptional Slovaks participated in this event in the past. I am very happy that in the past four years we have been able to bring hundreds of Slovaks to Cyprus and create new job opportunities in this way as well.” Duffek shared his enthusiasm.

“Since the first year of Reflect, founders of Slovak companies such as Aeromobil, Vacuumlabs, Superscale, DNA Era or Powerful Medical, iERP and Mindworx have participated in the festival as speakers or visitors.

Duffek doesn’t hide his ambitious plans for the future either. “We want to become the largest innovation platform in Southern Europe and the Middle East, which will continue to create opportunities not only for Slovak startups and entrepreneurs, but also for other people from all over Europe, the Middle East and North Africa,He said.

Source: Reflection Festival

According to him, there is still room for growth in the region where Reflection Festival operates, so he is not planning to move the event to Slovakia. However, it does not exclude such a possibility in the future.

Source: Reflection Festival