November 28, 2021

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Slovaks love sales during Black Friday. How do they plan to take advantage of this year’s discounts?

8.11.2021 – The biggest shopping event of the year is irresistibly approaching. It is traditionally held on the last Friday of November, which is published on November 27 this year. Initially, Black Friday was held on only one day in the United States. Over the past few years, the event has evolved into a multi-day global shopping marathon. Sometimes it starts on a Thursday and lasts until the end of the week or even a month. The event has become a popular part of seasonal shopping not only in Slovakia. fashion search engine my guyAn expert in the fashion e-commerce sector has outlined how customers are preparing for Black Friday of this year. Up to 60% of Slovaks plan to use Black Friday this year to buy new fashion items. Only 2% of Slovaks do not know about this event. This is confirmed by the current results of the survey Fashion (re)searchthat implements GLAMI.

Online shopping trend is also on the rise in Slovakia

The new GLAMI Fashion (Re) research survey brought interesting results about the consumer shopping behavior of Slovaks. The questions relate to procurement prior to the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, after the end of the first wave and the opening of quarantine operations, as well as current preferences in planning seasonal purchases for this year. The survey results clearly confirmed the growing trend of the fashion e-commerce sector. As many as 80.5% of customers confirmed that they bought fashion mostly online before the pandemic, and only 18.7% preferred to shop in traditional stores. There has been a more significant shift in the matter of planning purchases during the holidays. This year, 61% of Slovaks plan to shop online for the holidays, and only 1.5% will mostly shop offline. The balanced approach, online versus stone store 50:50, accounts for 30.7% of customers and no fashion purchase is confirmed by 1.6% of respondents.

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The main reasons why online purchases do not suit customers and therefore prepare for holiday purchases offline, for example, unsatisfactory product return process (20%) or waiting time for delivery of goods (20%). The key to 50% of the respondents is the moment of trying the clothes before buying as well as the pleasure associated with shopping (16.7%).

Reasons why Slovaks prefer online shopping

There are several reasons behind the growing trend of online shopping among Slovaks – 39.8% of respondents said they are more convenient. Comparison of prices on the Internet is reported in order for the customer to discover the cheapest option by 33.5% of the participants. Another crucial reason is a greater selection of brands and products (24.7%), faster and clearer search using filters (20.1%), time savings and flexibility of buying from anywhere (27.5%), and greater availability of ready-to-eat volumes in e-shops (27.7). %) and deliver goods directly to the homeland (12.8%). And 10.5% of Slovaks gave an interesting reason and the fact that they did not like to wear a protective veil in stone shops.

Slovaks love black friday

The upcoming Black Friday is an event for both retailers and brands represented in their portfolios. Customers expect that, too. Therefore, the attitude of respondents to the perception of the security of offline shopping in traditional stores is interesting. As many as 46.2% of respondents reported that they would leave an operation if it was crowded with customers. Crowds or long queues in stores are not afraid 27% and 26.8% are not sure of the answer. Up to 60% of Slovaks plan to use Black Friday this year to buy new fashion items. Only 2% of respondents do not know about this event and 8.7% do not plan to use it to purchase costumes. One reason stated that sales are available throughout the year (46%), as emphasized by a relatively large number of offers (15.6%). In preparation for Black Friday, 23.5% of participants will create a list of products called Wish List. On the contrary, up to 53% of respondents do not prepare a list and plan to look for the largest discounts.

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Buying fashion items makes it easier for customers to find fashion search engine features, not just during Black Friday

The fashion search engine makes it easy for customers to find their way in the number of online store offerings. “We are pleased with the growing interest in online shopping for fashion. That is why our developers are constantly working to improve the functionality of the GLAMI online platform to provide customers with greater convenience and a shopping experience in the comfort of their homes.” said Denis Duranic, Country Director of GLAMI in Slovakia. “One enhanced feature is our Wish List, where users can easily store products from hundreds of online stores in one place, and if any of the products are discounted during Black Friday or later, they will receive a notification from us.” specific.

According to the results of the Fashion (Re) search GLAMI survey, it is clear that the most popular period in which Slovaks buy the most holiday gifts is November (37.1%). In September it will reach 7.7% and in October 20.2% of respondents. 17.8% of customers plan purchases for the first week of December.

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