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Slovaks have loved sweets for decades.  Father Khourik is an inspiring person from whom you can learn a lot

Slovaks have loved sweets for decades. Father Khourik is an inspiring person from whom you can learn a lot

number.Evan Kasai She is one of the important figures in the Slovak scientific and commercial life. His life story inspires many people at home and abroad.

From a trained lathe operator, it came to the architect and professor. However, Slovaks remember him mainly thanks to his invention – huralki. He is behind their recipe that we know today.

Source: Kassay.eu

He started his career as a manager. He searched with extraordinary enthusiasm for new methods of metal fabrication and mass performance. This was followed by designer work and then a two-year mandatory basic military service. After that, he returned to school, where he completed high school and continued his studies at the Technical University.

However, he did not stop teaching throughout his life. Over the years, he has been a designer, high school teacher, television editor and foreign correspondent for ČST in Budapest, Yugoslavia and Romania, editor-in-chief of the main editorial office of foreign programs, director of the Press Information Center in Prague and Bratislava, informs the portal. Kassay.eu.

If we didn’t want to delete any of this guy’s nicknames, his name would look like Dr.hc prof. Ph.D. a job. Stefan Kasai, PharmD.

The turning point in 1968 was also a milestone for Stefan Kasai. Embark on a journey as a science and technology editor. For five years he worked as a TV correspondent in Budapest, Yugoslavia and Romania. And besides, he studied again.

This time in the press at Charles University in Prague, where he later received a doctorate in philosophy. Around the same time, he completed his postgraduate studies at the Technical University and became a candidate for economics.

Source: Youtube / Enterprise Business

However, his life changed shortly before the creation of the Slovak Republic.

In the international tender, Štefan Kassay became the co-owner of Pečivární Sereď and Figara Trnava. Both companies became part of it IDC Holding, asToday, it is the most important producer of confectionery and long-life bread in Slovakia with annual production and sales of nearly 38,000 tons of products.

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In addition to the famous Horaleks, they also produce other popular dishes such as Lina and Tatranky, but also, for example, Trnavské furé dessert or a range of Verbena brand products.

Kasai said in the past that he was more than just the candy itself, he was fascinated by its production and management.

Source: Youtube / Enterprise Business

The company is based on the more than 100-year tradition of production at the Figaro Trnava factory in Trnava and the long-standing 60-year tradition of pastry production at Sereď Bakery. several years ago Production ended in Trnava They moved to a modern factory in Sered.

Source: Youtube / Enterprise Business

IDC Holding facilities produce famous Slovak products. Undoubtedly, the most famous products are Horalky, which produces about 254 million pieces annually, but also Tatranky, Mila, Mäta, Lina, Kávenky and Kakaové rezy.

In the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Russia, the company has established trading companies with a complete sales team and logistics and marketing background.

Source: Youtube / Enterprise Business

According to the gate Venstat, IDC Holding, which in 2020 reduced its dividend by 18% to 7.119 ml. The euro and its sales fell by 4% to 116.3 ml. euro. Stefan Kasai often asserts that Slovak companies also have sufficient competitive capital and must have the courage to reach out to the world.

huralke case

In the summer of 2021, the company found itself in the spotlight due to an interview given by Pavol Jakobek n . diary. He said he didn’t understand people who didn’t want to be vaccinated, and he added an example from Monaco, where you can’t go to a restaurant without, say, vaccinations. However, Jakubec, in addition to the really massive criticism, also gained support, and both camps also conveyed their feelings to the famous Horalky.

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Some have publicly stated that they will never add IDC Holding products to the basket, while others have been photographed with full cans of Sered delicacies. Which camp was stronger will be revealed later after the 2021 financial results are published.

Source: Youtube / Enterprise Business

But what prompted Stefan Kasai to operate a business based on the manufacture of sweets and chocolate, which they love in several countries?

life brought. I was primarily interested in production systems and the possibilities for their improvement. I have been dealing with management theory for a long time, in this direction I studied in engineering studies and more in the candidate and PhD thesis, ” He talks about the beginnings of Kasai’s work for seredonline.sk.

“I never thought about making sweets or baking long-lasting. I was particularly interested in how to run such a company in order to increase its performance and make the company profitable.” continuous Kasai for seredonline.sk portal.

Source: Kassay.eu

However, Štefan Kassay is no longer working at IDC Holding. like he said E’s diary.In 2021, Pavol Jakobek bought Kasai’s stake and will run the company himself. There is a practical reason for this. Kasai is already in his 80s and simply doesn’t want to start a business anymore.

However, Professor Kasai also subtly connects business and science. As a co-owner of a large company, he became an associate professor and at the Slovak Academy of Sciences he became a Doctor of Science from Branches and Cross-sections Economics, later appointed as Professor of Industrial Management Engineering.

Source: Kassay.eu

In 2010, he was awarded the title of Doctor honoris causa, becoming a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg. Later, he published a publication called Binary Code, in which he assesses his life path and at the same time raises a number of questions: whether he lives properly and how useful he is to his family, company, environment and society.

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Stefan Kasai also signed under the flag of sons Enterprise and businessWhich has been translated into 5 languages. He has accounts together 23 studies and textbooks.

Therefore, Kasai is a successful manager, teacher, and mentor. This raises the question of how all the responsibilities are actually managed. What is his system of personal and professional competence?

“The way I live and work is based on discipline. I will deliver what I promise. I realize that business fairness is very important and is very much worth building to the name of the character and company you represent, or even have.” Kasai said to Ponikajte.sk.

Source: TASR / Lukáš Grinaj

The entire week of Stefan Kassay is divided into half-hour segments, each of which is assigned a color according to the type of activity, similar to what is indicated in the lesson schedule.

Source: Kassay.eu

Depending on the activities reserved for a number of half an hour during the day, a color palette is created, which one remembers over time and directs one’s activities accordingly, including meetings and gatherings.

Perhaps thanks to well-thought-out time management, Kasai is still a star in Slovak show business, and many generations of entrepreneurs are inspired by his story and books.

We revised the article, added new information, and republished it. The article was originally published on February 25, 2019.

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