October 23, 2021

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Slovaks have created unique paper bags that you can wash. Their works brought an entire Tuscany village to life

It was meant to be a vacation like any other vacation. The one from whom you will take a pile of experiences and a whole bag of souvenirs. However, Maria Dovikova and Natalia Korokova felt love at first sight during their stay in Italy. Not the classic genre, but the action.

They know exactly who is sewing them.

Arriving in Slovakia, friends immediately seized the opportunity. They quit their jobs at that time and started their own business. Slovaks began offering products made of washable paper. As incredible as it may sound, the number of products sold speaks for itself.

The headquarters of the UASHMAMA brand is located in Montecatini, near the town of Lucca in Tuscany. In the past, it was a popular tourist destination. However, it has lost many tourists in the last decade and now the village is thriving again with the growth of UASHMAMA.

It employs a large group of men and women who sew paper bags, which are also available in Slovakia. “At the beginning of the company, bags were sewn directly in Italian homes. We know who sews, wraps and sends bags to us,Buddy says to start running.

Source: instagram / Uashmama

Paper miracles and Marco Marconi

As mentioned above, the basic material in Tuscany is changed to paper, where the individual groups are created. Regarding the brand, according to Slovakia, it is necessary to mention Marco Marconi in particular. He is the chief and creator of the entire concept.

He had many years of experience in the leather industry, so he knew exactly what the combination of new technologies and honest manual production could do. He’s the one who created the unique material – washable AGGO paper,” Our friends tell us.

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Mama, Emanuela, is the inspiration for the brand name, as UASHMAMA is dedicated to the Italian mother of worship, who lovingly takes care of her family.


Source: instagram / Uashmama

Washable paper can hold a lot

Maria and Natalia told us that the most durable paper / TEC treatment / guarantees complete water resistance. Portions of the prepared paper are then cut by hand into individual products, which are then sewn by hand.

If you can’t imagine a material like washable paper, describe who owns the bag. “People look like washable paper to leather or textiles at first glance. It is soft to the touch, supple and light, but at the same time very strong. It is made of cellulose, exclusively from wood waste. Cellulose comes from Northern Europe from regions where controlled logging is carried out,” they explain to Startitup.

They also add that latex, natural waxes, and special processes like drying are added to the washable paper production process. Thanks to the mentioned aspects, the paper is strong and durable, but especially reusable.

Like leather, metallic paper smooths and wears. However, the paper does not peel or crack. “We know for sure, after six years of testing, that washable paper will last and hold a lot. Most importantly, it is a sustainable material.” Passionately speaking, Natalia.

The metal surface is waterproof

However, it is understandable that customers have some concerns before the first wash. However, paper is not a classic material that we would have been washing voluntarily. However, as Maria says, although the bags can be washed, everything is necessary in moderation. “Gentle soap and soak all in the sink. The carrying case can also be slipped into the washing machine, but gently. You also need to pay attention to the leather details of backpacks and handbags, they don’t like water,” Shows.

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As with washing, you don’t have to worry about rain. Ordinary rain will not soak the bag, the paper contains latex and is treated with natural wax. If the material gets wet gradually, it should simply be allowed to dry.

However, there are several types of paper a customer can choose from. In the case of TEC and LUX technical paper, it can be said that it is waterproof. The metallic surface resists water longer as there is another layer of paper.

Natalie also notes that if the wrinkled effect is unsatisfactory for the client, she can also iron the handbag. They recommend this on a low heat, through a tissue or a piece of cloth.

Forest wages are paid fairly

In addition to the fact that Uashmama offers stylish backpacks or handbags, you will also find household pockets on offer. Many use it to store food after purchase, and Maria adds that it will be safe in her pocket.

According to her, in the past, similar bags were used in Tuscany to store bread in them that did not dry out and did not form due to its airiness. Today, health safety certificates for materials are available in connection with this.

“We are also proud of our organic production certifications to GOTS international standards, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and last but not least FSC certification, which ensure that the wood has been harvested responsibly in relation to the environment and the local community. Forest workers are also paid appropriate and fair wages for their work. and that activities are continuing to develop for the long-term sustainability of the forest,” Natalia explains to us.

Don’t wear the outfit in the first place

However, they were not brought to sustainability by business, but by experiencing life as such. Both agree that sustainability accompanies them since childhood, even before it was called sustainability.

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“Our mothers taught us not to waste water and to just throw it away. Of course, through our work, we have met more in a sustainable way and realized what could be done better while respecting nature and people. We enjoy meeting inspiring people who have good ideas in our work,“They both agree.

It is also claimed that they realize that Slovaks are interested in a more ecological approach to life. According to them, all that is needed is for people to benefit from their comfort and thus be more sustainable.

“We are aware of the differences between parts of Slovakia and we also do not sympathize with the extremist ‘ecological people’ who do not use common sense and receive information from social networks,Maria and Natalia say the same way. They both add that the biggest mistake in the fashion industry is to consume clothes and put them first before wisdom.

But overall, we are glad that we have met so many fans of washable paper and can continue to spread our love for this unique material,they conclude.

Source: uashmama.sk