January 24, 2022

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Slovaks also carry the coronavirus on holiday: one country has a dominant position

Slovaks also carry the coronavirus on holiday: one country has a dominant position

In the past week, 110 PCR tests and 38 antigen tests were carried out in the Bratislava region and the result was positive. These numbers reveal many interesting facts. Of the total 148 cases, up to 106 people have not been vaccinated, 4 people have been partially vaccinated, and 38 people have been properly vaccinated against COVID-19. The Regional Office of Public Health in Bratislava, which brought the data, indicated that 44 infected people had returned from abroad.

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We carry the Corona virus from the Adriatic Sea

Croatia is at the forefront of these statistics. 17 people who returned from the popular holiday destination of many Slovaks were infected. Thus, the Slovak Sea, as it is called, is a sovereign sovereign state in this infamous arrangement.

The second and third places in order – Turkey and Bulgaria – hit only 4 on their account. They are followed by Greece with a score of 3. The Czech Republic, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Spain recorded the same 2 infected vacationers. Ukraine, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Denmark and Hungary have one, and the last is passenger.

Slovaks on vacation

Zdroj: SITA / Attila Balazs / MTI via AP

positive outlook

However, analysts from the Without Pathos Data Project consider these infected numbers to be too low due to mobility.

In addition, they point out some good news about the coronavirus. “The 14-day full vaccination rate (after the second dose) will increase from 1.2 million on August 31 to 2.1 million on July 1,” advertiser. They also pointed to a study from the Czech Republic, according to which 50 percent of the population in our neighbors has outgrown Covid-19, and according to analysts, it should be similar.

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Third, they indicated that we still have a few infected. There are currently about 100 infected people per million inhabitants per week. “The combination of high penetration and average vaccination coverage to 45% gives Slovakia in heavily vaccinated areas a good chance of a good DELTA wave,” is over.