November 30, 2021

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Slovakians in Great Britain describe the situation.  There is a shortage of fuel, food is already in stores

Slovakians in Great Britain describe the situation. There is a shortage of fuel, food is already in stores

Fuel shortages, food shortages, rising prices, who is to blame for this? Such a question is being asked not only by the British but also by the Slovaks living in the United Kingdom in relation to the current crisis in the island country.

According to current data, there are still enough Slovak citizens living in the United Kingdom. “Currently, about 120 to 130 thousand Slovak people live in Great Britain, according to a project launched by the British Party.” Secretary of State Martin Clouse said. Therefore, the comrades are very sensitive to the current situation. “I’m going to the shops or always finding the food I’m looking for. I have not noticed anything missing yet.” Said Slovak Lucia. Instead, Barbora talks about growing panic. “I’m in Wales. At the beginning of the epidemic there is a panic like people buying canned goods, milk, bread, sandwiches. Most stores have no other option than before.”

Do not refuel a full tank or buy carbonated beverages

Stores do not have semi-skimmed milk, fruit juices and certain types of foods such as packaged products or carbonated drinks due to the lack of carbon dioxide. Problems with refueling Some matches have been canceled due to low football competition. “Last Friday, when we went with Chinnavan, we waited for 45 minutes at the petrol station. I have never had this happen before. A lot of confusion, advice. When we went to refuel a week later, they only allowed us. 40 pounds and that is the maximum, we could not take the whole tank, “ Slovak Nella said.

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Panic erupted in the UK following the easing of anti-epidemic measures in July, and the fight with Govt was overshadowed by the effects of Brexit. The people of the island monarchy are confused by the statements of politicians who do not know what is really going on. “I understand the frustration and horror of the people at what is happening in the country. But when you look at the gas station problem, it is mostly a problem caused by the current need.” Boris Johnson explained.

Lack of drivers is a crime, which is associated with strict immigration laws, and the government not only tries to fill the capacity with those in the military, but also sends letters to qualified drivers to help with the crisis. “As we have seen from various reports and told us, it should not change here.” Said Slovak Barbora. Experts expect the situation to worsen before Christmas and, in addition, energy prices to rise after the new year.


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