October 21, 2021

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Slovakian cryptocurrency Eterbase is in bankruptcy.  But he wants to return the stolen cryptocurrency and return it

Slovakian cryptocurrency Eterbase is in bankruptcy. But he wants to return the stolen cryptocurrency and return it

She has also filed a criminal complaint with the company and hopes to gain access to state authorities or Europol.

  • The company attributes the responsibility of the hacker attack in which it lost millions of cryptocurrency to the Lazarus group, which will be supported by North Korea.
  • The accusation of co-owner Joseph Berhel should not help the cryptocurrency business either.
  • The company returned to the market after the cyber incident, but suspended its activity “temporarily” in April.
  • In September, the court approved her bankruptcy petition, the purpose of which is to satisfy registered claims from creditors.
  • Eterbase is waiting to see if the stolen cryptocurrency can be returned to its holdings.

Slovakian cryptobourza Eterbase suggested testing, which was later approved by the judge. He pointed out this Aktuality.sk . news portal.

It is reported that he contributed to the problems of the company Cyber ​​attack last yearThe stock market lost millions in many cryptocurrencies – for example, ethereum, ripple, bitcoin or litecoin. Eterbase also filed a criminal complaint in connection with this act, with an estimated damages to it and its customers in the history of the hacking incident at 4.5 million euros.

Aktuality.sk reports that the company attributes responsibility for the accident to the Lazarus Group, which should be linked to North Korea.

We looked at what the crypto exchange has been reporting to clients in the months since its crypto hack and its officially announced 2020 financial results.

The comeback was successful, but only for a few months

Despite the cyber attack and the loss of millions, co-founder Róbert Auxt on Twitter in November advised An early return to the crypto exchange with “significantly enhanced” cybersecurity. The real launch of the service took place – around mid-January.

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The current look of the Eterbase cryptobourse website. The advertisement only talks about pending operations.

Source: reprofoto Eterbase.com

A month later, Auxt inform About the slow but confirmed process of the official investigation. He added that at that time NAKA had taken the first steps. It happened Also a meeting between the police and the administration. At the same time, he confirmed that the case would be dealt with Europol.

The turning point in the operation of Eterbase came in April, when a report surfaced on Twitter of the loss of “critical partners and financial service providers”. However, it was still a temporary suspension of all services as of April 19. The company encouraged customers to withdraw their money immediately.

last public administration He was Auxt’s statement of belief that Europol will help recover stolen assets.

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Most of the creditors are shareholders

And in a similar spirit to advertising on Twitter, there is also a bankruptcy proposal. “The reason is the termination of third-party services in the field of providing bank accounts necessary for the exchange of digital assets, which led to bankruptcy,” Cited Aktuality.sk Eterbase.

In addition, one of the co-owners – Joseph Berhel – has been indicted this year With IT orders from taxpayers ban and cancel bank accounts and other cryptocurrency accounts, Aktuality.sk . indicated.

In practice, the goal is bankruptcy Satisfaction of the claims of creditors, by liquidating the assets of the damaged company in the shortest possible time and as much as possible, which the official takes care of. During bankruptcy, the entrepreneur is protected from executions and other judicial proceedings. The business will de facto be completely terminated.

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Creditors have 45 days to file claims before declaring bankruptcy – until about mid-November. However, the commitments of Eterbase are significant Exceed The company’s assets, 5.9 million compared to recorded assets, approximately 2.6 million euros, reveal last year’s balance sheet. Then the company’s losses exceeded 5.4 million euros.

Select Aktuality.skMost creditors point to Eterbase among the ranks of its shareholders.

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They tracked down most of the assets

Debt settlement depends on the possibility of recovering the stolen cryptocurrency. Eterbase claims that 95 percent of the assets have been traced. It must be emphasized that the market value of cryptocurrencies has risen sharply since the hacker attack, so the stolen owners would be twice as happy if the property was returned.

Already in the September 10 criminal report, the company provided investigators with a list of crypto-wallet addresses of unknown perpetrators or perpetrators on three exchanges – Binance, Huobi and HitBTC – and determined the value of the euro-related funds.

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Cryptocurrencies have strengthened significantly since the hacker attack. However, profit must be made through a successful sale.

Source: CNBC Ribophoto

Another exchange, ChangeNOW, promised a refund. For others, the situation is more complicated and the Office of the Prosecutor assists in communicating with Binance.

“Huobi and HitBTC have refused any cooperation with NAKA and the matter will be resolved in the same way as in the case of Binance,” By Aktuality.sk Optimistic words from a representative of Eterbase, according to which in the event of a positive result, the company, with the satisfaction of the receivables, expects to renew its services.

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Read Eterbase’s criminal report regarding the hacker attack: