January 16, 2022

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Slovakia will have to dispense with players against Cyprus, Tarkovic: We need to win

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The Slovak national football team will have to dispense with Matos Beer and Jakob Holubek in Tuesday’s 2022 World Cup qualifier against Cyprus in NFŠ Bratislava.

At the pre-match press conference on Monday in Scenic, coach Stefan Tarkovic provided the latest information from the host camp, declaring a clear intention to invade Cyprus. The team will at least correct the desire to lose points in the previous September duels in Slovenia (1:1) and at home with Croatia (0:1).

“We have two problems, Jakob Holbek and Matos Pero will not be available. Holúbek has a chronic problem with an injury, Match has a virus and will not be ready for the match. As for the other players, we will see after training. The team had negative results,” Tarkovich said. In March in Nicosia, the Slovaks could not beat the opponent and drew 0: 0. So before Tuesday, there should be a different performance than in the spring.

“We need to play differently. Our effort is to build on the performance against Slovenia and Croatia. This was good both in defense and in attack. We want to consolidate that performance. Cyprus is not a team that kicks the ball where the players have turned. They also want you to have the opportunity to create. , ” The coach of the Slovak Republic, who also faced the problem of low quality of turf at the Bratislava stadium, stated: “The terrain will be the same for both of them. Nobody will change that and we have to deal with it.”

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Guests must remain true to their style of play on three trackers and defend especially well in an intense block. The recipe for overcoming it is clear. “It’s about being active, our players have to go all the way to the final stage. We have to get to the things we are strong in. And we have to do it well. We want to win because we need it. We want to be constantly in the game of progression. We want to do our best. To realize the dream of participating in the World Cup. From our point of view, Cyprus must be under control.” Description of Tarkovich’s plans.

Stanislav Lobotka

Source: TASR

Stanislav Lobotka, midfielder, stood in front of the media behind the player’s booth. He performed well in the previous two matches, and helped the team greatly, but in the end it was not enough for the points. “As a result, we haven’t succeeded, but we have something to build on. We are more dangerous, we can create an opportunity together. I think we can do it tomorrow and we can succeed.” Napoli, who did not play in Cyprus for the last time, but followed the duel closely, said:

“Cyprus is going forward, their players have been a great central defender. They are also waiting for their chance and we will have to be active, we are also waiting for our chances and using them, we wanted to get as many points out of these three games as we could.”

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Lobotka also hung on the terrain margo at the Tehelná pole, which could cause problems for the mixed team. But he did not look for excuses in advance: “The playing court will be the same for both of them. I don’t think they will be 16th and digging. It will be up to us if we can create a chance and if we can change them.”