January 16, 2022

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Slovakia has an Internet at a speed of 10 Gbit / s, which everyone can envy. It costs only €17.92 per month

Slovakia has become one of the elite countries in the world. Yesterday I started one of the fastest commercially available internet connections in our small country. ANTIK Telecom has launched a 10 gigabit Internet service in Kosice, Strubkov and Sirna nad Tissot. Despite the standard speed, the connection does not cost much. The company offers it at a fixed price – 17.92 euros per month.

After yesterday’s spring performance, ANTIK Telecom launched a super-fast commercial Internet service with parameters up to 10 gigabytes in a Loading aj send Data of less than 18 euros per month. The first places in Slovakia with 10G internet are Čierna nad Tisou, Stropkov and Košice in Pereš province, while the operator wants to gradually expand its coverage.

ANTIQUE says that such rapid connectivity is essential to the competitiveness of economies. Plus, it’s great for on-demand virtual reality or telemedicine.

The real speed is very close to 10 Gbit / s

Real connection tests under normal household conditions so far have shown achievable speeds of up to 9.2 Gbit/s, which is an ideal result that no one can achieve. In addition to the maximum speed that can be achieved on the connection, such a fast Internet is also great for families with many members or many devices.

Today, we are launching a service in the first Slovak cities, which so far have only been used in a few developed countries around the world. In addition to the significant acceleration of our customers, we expect the 10G network to stimulate the arrival of new products based on ultra-fast symmetric connectivity,explained Igor Kola, CEO of ANTIK Telecom.

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We expect our customers to gradually use such a fast connection more and more – also thanks to the continued licenses of powerful computers. Our goal is to significantly advance Slovakia in the ranking of countries with the fastest internet – thus increasing the competitiveness of our country as a good place to live and do business,Added.

250 Euro setup fee

Those interested can look forward to low monthly fees, but at the same time they should prepare for relatively high setup fees. will come out on them 250 EUR. The price includes customer activation of the optical connection terminated by the optical SFP module, as well as a device – a four-pole 10 Gbps switch and one 1 Gbps port.

The operator recommends that all devices in the house have a 10Gbps network interface and at the same time their connection with cables is at least CAT6 as standard. Those interested can request high-speed internet on the web www.antik.sk Or on the phone number 055 30 12345.